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90% Dark Chocolate is a healthy delicacy for lovers of intense cocoa taste. It contains non-alkalized cocoa, which gives it a natural distinctive taste and aroma. The cocoa butter gives it a soft consistency that melts on the tongue. A piece of this handmade chocolate is best enjoyed as it melts in your mouth or you can add it to warm oatmeal or your favourite desserts to make them taste even better.

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90% Dark Chocolate is made from high-quality ingredients, which will delight every gourmet with its intense chocolate taste

90% Dark Chocolate is a delicious treat for everyone who likes to enjoy good chocolate made from quality ingredients. It contains 90 % cocoa solids, which are made up of non-alkalized cocoa. Unlike alkalized cocoa, it undergoes gentler processing, meaning that it retains more of its beneficial substances as well as its natural taste and aroma. The next ingredient is cocoa butter, which gives the chocolate a soft consistency that melts on the tongue. The chocolate is also complemented by agave syrup, which gives it a sweet touch. Moreover, the chocolate is handmade and contains no unnecessary additives, further contributing to its first-class taste.


A piece of this chocolate can help satisfy a sweet tooth, so it is perfect for a small snack after lunch or as a tasty companion to coffee. Dark chocolate is also an irreplaceable ingredient for many desserts, such as cookies, muffins, banana bread or any other cakes, as it will enliven them with chocolate flavour. Moreover, a delicious melted chocolate square can take your favourite breakfast oatmeal to a whole new level.


90% Dark Chocolate   - GymBeam


90% Dark Chocolate & its benefits

  • high-quality chocolate with 90% cocoa solids
  • made from non-alkalized cocoa
  • has a delicious and intense taste of real chocolate
  • gluten-free
  • does not contain GMOs
  • will help satisfy the sweet tooth
  • a perfect ingredient for cookies, muffins or other popular desserts
  • will add a delicious taste to oatmeal or other cereals
  • handmade
  • suitable for vegetarians and vegans



Cocoa butter 54%, cocoa powder from non-alkalized cocoa with reduced fat content, agave syrup. Cocoa solids min. 90%.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition Per 100 g Per 70 g
Energy value 2636 kJ/ 630 kcal 1845 kJ/ 441 kcal
Fats 57.8 g 40.5 g
   - saturated fatty acids 29.8 g 20.9 g
Carbohydrates 14.6 g 10.2 g
   - sugars 8.3 g 5.8 g
Dietary fibre 12.9 g 9 g
Protein 8.6 g 6 g
Salt 0.004 g 0.003 g

**The recommended daily intake value of an adult is not determined.



Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight at room temperature.

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