Fitness recipe: Pad Thai with chicken and ginger

Do you dream about chilling on some exotic beach and exploring the local culture? We are going to bring you a little bit closer to it as we will prepare the most popular meal from a faraway Thailand – Pad Thai with chicken and ginger together.

For the preparation we need:

  • 300 g chicken breasts
  • 150 g wide-rice noodles
  • 120 g carrots (1 bigger carrot)
  • 15 g fresh ginger
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 spring onions
  • salt
  • black pepper powder
  • olive oil

For the sauce we need:

  • 25 ml of fish sauce
  • 15 g coconut sugar
  • 1 teaspoon soya sauce
  • juice from 1 lime

For the garnishing we need:

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First of all, pour a liter of hot water (not boiling) over the rice noodles and let them soften for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the remaining ingredients. Start with chopping the onion, ginger, and garlic very finely. Peel the carrot and chop it or grate it so you get thin strips, slice the chicken into squares. Once this is done, scramble the eggs with a little bit of salt and black pepper. Prepare the sauce by combining the fish sauce, coconut sugar, soya sauce, and the lime juice.

Now we have all the ingredients ready so let’s get into cooking. Start with a slight pan-fry of the ginger, garlic, and onion in the little bit of olive oil. Proceed with adding the carrot, chicken breast, and a little bit of salt and black pepper. Fry it all together with an occasional stir, and if needed, add a splash of water to it. Once the meat is done and the carrot is softer, add in cooked rice noodles and give it a big stir. Make a little circle in the middle of the pan and pour the eggs in it.

Pad Thai with chicken and ginger - preparation

First, stir the eggs separately, and when they start to get thicker, mix it with the rest of the noodles. In the end, pour the prepared sauce into the pan and once again mix it well so you have these beautiful flavors merge together. Serve the Pad Thai warm and sprinkle it with some roasted cashew nuts, spring onion, and chopped coriander.

Fitness recipe: Pad Thai with chicken and ginger
Nutritional valuesfor 1 portion (makes 2 portions)
Protein45 g
Carbohydrates74 g
Fat13 g

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