Chicken Meat is a wonderful source of protein, which is why it frequents most fitness enthusiasts’ regular diets. Serving chicken doesn’t need to be limited to a sad-looking dried out steak with a scoop of white rice. There’s an endless list of really fun recipes that will help you turn something as simple as a slice of chicken into a true culinary experience, depending on what ingredients you use and which part of the chicken you choose to work with.

For example, you can roast an entire chicken with some veggies or oranges, creating a rich palette of flavours. If you prefer to make your roast boneless, you can always use the bones for preparing a delicious broth. Wings can be left apart to soak up some honey-mustard or sweet chilli marinade and then roast them in an oven. Naturally, legs are the perfect cut for preparing a flavourful plate of chicken a la King or paprikash.

However, when it comes to cooking chicken, the truly undisputed king of every fitness cuisine is the ever popular chicken breast. Add some thyme, basil or tomato to get a fantastic sauce with a distinctly Italian touch. If you’d rather take a trip to Asia, grab some curry, turmeric, ginger and coconut milk. Chicken breast is just perfect for preparing wonderful steak or meat-rich sauces to accompany almost any kind of side dish, whether it’s rice, pasta, quinoa, couscous or bulgur. Long story short, every part of chicken makes for the ideal basis of any main course, and an ingredient of choice for a whole range of low-carb delicacies.

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