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BIO Coconut Flour is exceptionally nutritious and finely ground powder from coconut pulp of the highest biological quality suitable also for vegans. In addition to the delicate aroma and sweet taste, it will enrich your dishes with a number of proteins and other beneficial substances. Also, it is gluten-free, so it is suitable also for celiacs

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BIO Coconut Flour - finely ground flour from coconut pulp with exceptional protein content 

BIO Coconut Flour is finely ground flour from coconut pulp of the highest biological quality. It is full of exceptional substances, which are dominated by up to 20% of protein content. Unlike other types of flour, coconut flour has a specific aroma and delicate sweet taste. It is naturally gluten-free, suitable also for vegans and ideal for cooking and baking your favourite dishes. You can use it to prepare confectionery, pastry, coconut milk or to thicken soups or sauces. You can mix it with other types of flour, thanks to which it will give an exotic touch to the most common recipes. 


BIO Coconut Flour & its benefits

  • finely ground powder from coconut pulp
  • in the highest biological quality
  • per 100 g contains up to 20 g of protein
  • is naturally gluten-free
  • has a specific aroma and sweet taste
  • ideal for cooking and baking 
  • suitable also for vegans



Bio coconut flour.       


Nutrition Facts

Nutritional values 100 g
Energy value 1558 kJ / 376 kcal
Fats 14 g
 saturated 13.3 g
Carbohydrates 19.5 g
   sugars 17 g
Protein 20.5 g
Salt 0.08 g



Store at a temperature of up to 25°C and relative humidity of up to 70%. 

Allergens: The product may contain: gluten, soya, nuts and sesame.

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