7 reasons why to exercise Bulgarian Split Squats

7 reasons why to exercise Bulgarian Split Squats

Have you heard about Bulgarian Split Squats? If not, you should change it. They belong to the most effective exercises and you don’t need any fitness machines or accessories when exercising them. They are suitable also for beginners and can be performed anywhere. They have many benefits which will be presented in the following article.

7 reasons why to exercise Bulgarian Split Squats

1. You’ll improve stability 

Stability is important not only at exercising but at any other physical activity which you perform. Bulgarian Split Squats provide the space for constant improving of your balance by means of this, the exercise is performed on one leg. In addition, there are many variations of this exercise in which you can maximally use the achieved stability. 

7 reasons why to exercise Bulgarian Split Squats

2. They will increase power and physical performance 

It is generally applicable that while doing squats, you effectively work on calves, thighs and butt. Bulgarian Split Squats multiply this effect. By transferring your weight on one leg only, you create higher pressure on engaged muscles. Thanks to regular exercising of this exercise, your power and physical performance will be increased. In addition, you will shape the already mention leg parts and butt which you use when exercising Bulgarian Split Squats.

3. The time and place is not important 

Bulgarian Split Squats are unique because you don’t need any specific equipment or fitness machines. The only thing you need is elevated place on which you can put your leg. If you don’t have bench by your side, you can use any box. TRX system or exercise balls are also suitable. At these two, you will test your stability.

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4. They will shape your abdominal muscles 

Did you have the idea that thanks to the squats you can have shaped abs? It is not a  problem with Bulgarian Split Squats. The core of the abdomen and surrounding muscles are engaged and they work all the time when doing squats. By stretching these muscles, you can burn more fat which effectively helps to abdomen forming. Of course, other exercises and healthy nutrition must help to the perfect abdomen. Bulgarian Split Squats are the great beginning for people who don’t have any experience with exercising.

5. They will shape your butt and legs quickly and effectively 

Mostly women want to have rounded and tight butt. This can be reached by the help of Bulgarian Split Squats. At this exercise, you can engage almost all butt muscles and by doing this, you will achieve beautiful and tight form. In addition, you exercise calves and thighs which power is important at other exercises focused on butt. Bulgarian Split Squats can ensure the required growth and strengthening of muscle mass.

7 reasons why to exercise Bulgarian Split Squats

6. They bring benefits outside gym too

At running, sprinting or even quick walking, it is enough that you have slightly weakened muscles and you can get hurt. Bulgarian Split Squats can strengthen individual parts of the legs which are tried mostly at walking and running. With achieved balance at Bulgarian Split Squats, you will also achieve balance at running. This balance can protect you from unpleasant hit or fall. You will also strengthen the muscles which bind to the knees. These muscles are very frequently overburdened and not sufficient exercising of them, can lead to weakening of these muscles. Bulgarian Split Squats have benefits not only in the gym, but wherever you use your low body part.

7 reasons why to exercise Bulgarian Split Squats

7. Are one of the safest squats 

We know various squat types – at some of them, you are doing squats in the machine and at the others, with a barbell or weights. At these variations, it is very simple to get hurt or to back overburden. The most injuries during squats are because of the incorrect back and legs posture. Bulgarian Split Squats are extremely safe because they don’t require any machine or any equipment. In this, it’s applicable that without the correct posture, you won’t have balance. This will motivate you to understanding the technique and then you can add weights.

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