Yoghurt doesn’t have to be just a treat for breakfast or snacking; it’s a versatile ingredient suitable for both sweet and savoury dishes. Whether combined with oats, granola, fresh or freeze-dried fruit, nut butter, protein powder, or other treats, yoghurt can effortlessly transform into a complex and nutritionally balanced meal, perfect for mornings or any time of the day.

Lovers of sweets also adore incorporating yoghurt into desserts. It seamlessly blends into the batter for buns, sheet cakes, pancakes, crêpes, Bundt cakes, muffins, pies, cupcakes, and various treats, imparting moisture without the need for excessive amounts of fat. Yoghurt can also shine in dessert creams, as showcased in our coconut cake cups with yoghurt cream recipe. Additionally, it can be easily layered into cups or serves as a delightful base for homemade frozen yoghurt. For those leaning towards a plant-based diet, there’s the vegan cup with homemade cashew yoghurt that delivers a sinfully good taste experience.

That said, yoghurt is equally valuable in the preparation of savoury dishes. You can use it to create a delightful yoghurt marinade for juicy meats or utilize it as a base for various dips and light dressings, perfect for pairing with meat, its plant-based alternatives, or for enhancing salads. Yoghurt’s versatility extends to different spreads like tuna or egg. Thus, having yoghurt in the fridge is ideal, ensuring you always have an ingredient ready to elevate your culinary creations.

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