Toast is a versatile food that can be prepared both sweet and savoury. Depending on your taste, you can choose between white or whole-grain bread, which is more nutritious. You can also bake your own homemade toast bread with just flour, milk or water, butter, yeast, eggs, and a loaf pan.

How to make a toast?

If you want to toast the bread, it’s ideal to have a toaster at home. However, you can manage without one by simply placing the toast bread in the oven and baking it until it’s crusty. You can also toast it on a pan. If you’re more inclined towards baked toasts, a sandwich maker or a contact grill will certainly find a place in your kitchen.

How to make sweet toasts?

The most popular sweet toasts are undoubtedly the famous French toasts. Dip them in a milk, egg, and sugar mixture, fry them in a pan, and garnish with your favourite toppings. For example, try your hand at these toasts with cinnamon and banana or quark cream and raspberries. Instead of sugar and eggs, you can also use mashed banana and coat the toast in a tasty banana mixture.

However, you can also just fry it and add toppings such as quark, honey, or a hazelnut-cocoa spread. Lastly, to prepare the classic American delicacy, all you need is jam and peanut butter.

How to make savoury toasts?

You can prepare the classic versions, such as the grilled ham and cheese toast or the popular egg toast. In order to prepare it, coat the bread in an egg mixed with milk and fry it. However, if you like to experiment, try the popular avocado toast, homemade toasts with eggs Benedict, or a sandwich full of goodies according to your preferences. You can fill it with tuna, homemade spread, smoked salmon, vegetables, and other ingredients.

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Fitness recipe: Avocado toast 3 Ways

Neither you can ever decide whether you want sweet or salty breakfast? Why choose if you can prepare breakfast in 3 ways just with one ingredient. You probably know that we are talking about avocado, which, in addition to a healthy fats, is also perfect in that it has a really universal use. Prepare avocado toast a.k.a. avotoast for breakfast or brunch too!

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