Spinach, often associated with Popeye the Sailor Man and his big muscles, contains many beneficial nutrients. While it may not make your muscles grow, it will work perfectly fine for enriching many recipes. Fresh spinach is ideal for preparing salads, sandwiches, baguettes, and other snacks. You can also use it as a garnish for various main courses, but its uses don’t end there.

Which recipes can you incorporate spinach into?

A timeless classic is creamed spinach with potatoes and eggs. All you need is frozen spinach puree, cream or milk, and some seasoning. Fresh or frozen spinach is also excellent in sauces, which you can use to flavour pasta or even the popular gnocchi. Additionally, you can use it to prepare risotto, and how could we forget about spinach soup, which will make cold winter evenings more enjoyable.

If you prefer the taste of fresh spinach, it doesn’t have to be just the base for a salad; it can also shine, for example, in a tortilla wrap.

Spinach will also add colour to your dishes

Spinach not only provides a unique taste and nutrients to your meals, but also an interesting green colour. You can use spinach or spinach powder to creatively colour pancakes, gnocchi, or omelets. If you prefer quick and light meals, a spinach smoothie will definitely delight you. Just mix spinach with fruit, yoghurt, or whey protein powder, and you’ll create a delicious, nutritious drink.

What can you bake with spinach?

Spinach can be an excellent companion in baking. It can colour your desserts in an eye-catching way without affecting their taste. Last but not least, it perfectly complements savoury muffins, quiches, and other savoury cakes.

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