Fitness Recipe: Folded Tortilla Wrap

Fitness Recipe: Folded Tortilla Wrap

You might have noticed the trend of social media – tortilla wrap. Of course, we couldn’t resist trying out this incredibly simple and delicious meal! It will certainly be a part of our menu, how about yours? Let’s find out!


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Cut the wrap half-way with a sharp knife. Smear the tomato sauce onto one quarter of the wrap, add spinach leaves on the second one, put chopped tomato on the third one, and sprinkle the fourth one with grated mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Season the tomatoes with salt, black pepper and dried basil to add some taste.

Directions Tortilla Wrap

Fold the wrap one quarter by another in order to create triangle shaped wrap. Roast the wrap from both sides on the pan sprayed with olive oil. Serve still warm and enjoy!

Our tip: Replace the tomato sauce by your favourite calorie-free sauce, and enjoy tortilla wrap with even better nutritional values!

Fitness recipe: Folded Tortilla Wrap
Nutritional values1 wrap (2 wraps in total)
Protein18 g
Carbohydrates33 g
Fat17 g

Video recipe for Folded Tortilla Wrap

We hope you won’t miss this trendy, yet tasty tortilla wrap! Be part of this viral phenomenon, and share the recipe with your relatives. 

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