Marc Fitt advises how to reach 6-pack + diet and training plan

Marc Fitt advises how to reach 6-pack + diet and training plan

Marc Fitt is one of the most popular online personal trainers and entrepreneur in fitness industry. In last four years he has become one of the world´s leading fitness model by inspiring million of people around the world through videos, pictures, podcasts, quotes and articles.

During his journey to find the motivation, he had the pleasure to change the lives of countless number of people. He helped thousands and thousands of people to get in shape through personal trainings.

Basic parameters:

• Year of birth: 1990

• Height: 178 cm

• Average weight: 78 kg

• Origin: Montreal, Canada

• Maximum weights: “I do not agree with comparing power with others. It is not about how much you can lift but how much repetitions you can do with perfect technique. Form is very important if you want to build a good figure. I am not powerlifter, but fitness model.”

• Favorite healthy food: chicken breast, avocado, green vegetables, brown rice and almonds.

• Favorite cheat meal: pizza [1]

Favorite exercises: 

– Bench press on positively inclined bench with one-arm dumbbell: I really like to exercise the upper part of my pectoral muscles and this is one of the exercises that pumps me the most.

– Biceps burbell curls: I think that with this exercise I can practice large part of my biceps. I like to start exercising biceps with one set with ten repetitions.

– Arnold Press with one-arm dumbbells: this is my favorite exercise for shoulders. It focused on the back and front part of the shoulders. [2]

Marc Fitt started to exercise few years ago because he needed to get in shape to pass the exams to become police officer. As soon as he started to exercise, he liked it. He liked that he can go over his limits, get better physically and mentally as well. As his body shape was getting better and his muscles became rounder, people started to ask him for advices. At the beginning he started to helped in the gym but soon he created blog through WordPress. Responses from people were incredible! So he decided to record his first training video. Later it developed into different video categories such as diets, motivation videos or whatever he could film to help people to become successful during their fitness lifestyle. Today he is able to live all year out from what he offers on web pages.

 “The biggest mistake I have even made was that I did not follow the right diet. I used to eat a lot of unhealthy food. I believe that if I had right diet that time, my figure would look much better that it looks now. Nutrition has a huge impact on results you believe to gain and nobody should neglect it.”

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You have to focus on your plan, goals and learn to motivate yourself. Everything begins in your mind; you have to be motivated in every moment of the day and believe that you can reach your goals. It is the same in every aspects of the life. You have to find the reason why you want to do what you love to do. If you do so, write it down, never forget it and you will stay motivated. Mark is always saying to people to write down their goals and look at them every day, every morning after waking up and every night before going to sleep to stay on the right path. You should wake up in the morning and fell asleep with positive thinking, dreaming about what you want and always have the feeling that your goals is near. [3]

“I am proud of my discipline, aspiration and hard work which I gave to every aspect of my life. I am thankful that life gave me an opportunity to realize how I can reach the satisfaction with what I do and live my dream every day.” [3]

Marc sleeps about 6-7 hours per day. He does not like the fact that we have to sleep because according to him we lose a lot of time. On the other hand he realizes that it is important if he wants to stay in the shape, recover well and build muscle mass. He does not like to sleep more than it is necessary because he wants to be productive during the day and make his dreams come true. [1]

Marc Fitt and his training plan

I always start training with motivational speeches to kick me. Then I listen a lot of rock, metal and trance music like Slipknot, Rise Against, Armin van Buuren, Atreyu, Bullet for my Valentine, motivational speeches from names like Will Smith, Eric Thomas, Jim Carrey, Lima, Sylvester Stallone and a lot of other successful people who motivate me. Marc´s actual playlist with songs for training is available for free on Spotify and you can find it also on his web page here[3]

30-40 minutes before leaving to gym he mentally prepares for his training. This helps him to get more energy and to focus on his training. “You are there to get better, not to talk with people”, Marc says.

Marc shocks his body with changing his training every week. He workouts with high number of exercises and repetitions at relatively low rests periods between exercises and series (45 to 90 seconds). [2]

Marc´s actual training split

QuadricepsChestBackHamstringsShouldersBiceps and Triceps

“In bulking I do not usually do cardio, but I run for 3 hours and swim for 1 hour during one week in the school because of the exams. During strength trainings I do cardio only in form of  10-minutes abdominal training without a break. In this point of the training (at the end), I do not have a lot of energy, so I know that my body takes everything what it needs from grease.”[3]

But if Marc needs to do the cardio, for example before photo shooting, because he feels he is not ripped enough, he adds HIIT. He does so up to 30, 4 to 6-seconds sprints with one minute slow walk between them.

Marc Fitt and diet

Marc believes in nutrition with high content of protein and low content of carbhydrates for development of muscles. Below you can check his actual dietary plan.

• Meal 1: Banana, 60 g oat flakes, 8 egg whites, protein drink (30g), 2x multivitamin, 2x omega-3, vitamin B and 5 g glutamin.

• Meal 2: Apple, 10 almonds, 45 g protein, chicken breast.

• Meal 3: 2 chicken breast, cup vegetables, 2x multivitamin and 2x omega-3 fatty acids.

• Meal 4: Pre-workout meal (2-3 hours before workout) – 30 g protein drink, 60 g oat flakes and 15 g honey.

• Pre-workout drink: 1 ½ cup pre-workout drink (30 min. before training), 15 g BCAA (15 min. before training).

• Post-workout drink: 45 g whey isolate, 60 g dextrose (simple sugars), 5 g creatine monohydrate, 5 g glutamine, 5 g BCAA.

• Meal 7: 1 ½ chicken breast, 1 cup vegetable, 2x omega-3.

• Meal 8: 4 egg whites, 30 g casein protein, 5 g glutamine, 3 pills ZMA[2]

Favorite 3 dietary supplements:

Whey protein – the most important supplement for building and regeneration of the body with right nutrients after intense training.

BCAA – it prevents muscle breakdown while you workout, it also gives you more energy and indirectly build muscle mass. 

Multivitamin – it is amazing for you general health, energy and gives your body all the vitamins that your body needs for your regeneration and to stay active. [1]

5 tips for ripped 6-pack from Marc Fitt:

1. Be aware of what you eat and count your calories

If you want to achieve nice 6-pack by reducing the body fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit. That means: eat less calories that you body needs depending on the level of activity. Good deficit is around 500 calories. You do not want to have too less calories because you body needs calories to survive. So if you lower the income of calories too much, the body will try to maintain fat stores as a reserve of energy.

2. Behave intensely

Be intense in gym and during each part to achieve the goal of your fitness journey. If you want to be ripped, you do not have any other choice that to respect short rest periods. It is really necessary to push your limits if you really want to burn the fat properly. How to achieve it? You should try 20-30 recapitulations in series and include variations like supersets, drop sets, huge sets, etc. This way you get your heart rate higher and then burn more calories. 

3. Do not do too much cardio

In fact, proper strength training can bring better results than cardio fat burning programs. When doing cardio, calories are burned only during running, cycling, etc. But if you use weights, you tear muscle fibers and let your body work on repairs for several days. If you really want to do cardio, HIIT cardio may be just what you need. What is HIIT? HIIT is a high intensity interval training, e.g. sprint for 30 seconds, followed by a slow walk for 1 minute. Repeat this process 6-10 times. It will take about 10 minutes, but you will burn more calories than a 45-minute boring slow run.

4. Do not cheat yourself

Many people do not understand how much cheating can affect their results. Act as a champion if you want to be. By following your plan correctly, you will create self-discipline like no one else.

5. Control your mind

If you want results, put it in the subconscious. Instead of saying “I don’t want to be fat”, say that you will soon be in the best shape of your life. If you are able to convince yourself that you can burn more fat with a certain thing, your mind will help you get there. [4]

Plans for the future

Nowadays he lives in Canada, but he would like to move to California, US. 

“I want to travel around the world and meet people who support and follow me.” He hopes that in 5 years he will play in few movies. He would like to keep inspiring people and help them to reach their goals, not only the physical ones but also the ones that want to achieve in their lives. [1]

If you like the article about Marc, we recommend you to check his youtube channel.

What do you think about this fitness model? What is your opinion about his training and dietary plans? Share your opinion in the comments. If you like the article, share it.


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