Fitness Recipe: Tiramisu Chia Pudding

Fitness Recipe: Tiramisu Chia Pudding

Do you enjoy coffee desserts? Then today’s chia pudding recipe will certainly please you. We’ve prepared it with several layers, resulting in a perfect combination of vanilla flavour with coffee and cocoa layers. It’s served chilled, making it especially refreshing in the summer. And if you’re looking for a recipe for protein-rich treats, you’ll be very pleased with the nutritional profile of this one.


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In a shaker, mix the protein powder with milk, add chia seeds, and let them soak for at least 15 minutes. Then, divide this chia mixture into 3 parts. Mix cocoa powder into the first part and sweeten it with vanilla Flavor Drops. Mix espresso into the second part, and leave the third part as it is. Place the prepared layers in the refrigerator for several hours to let the seeds expand even more. Then, it’s time to serve. Take two glasses or cups and evenly layer all three puddings into them. Sprinkle some cocoa on top of and serve immediately.

Tiramisu Chia Pudding

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Nutritional Values
1 cup (2 cups total)
Energy value271 kcal
Protein23 g
Carbohydrates14 g
Fats11 g
Fibre12 g

If you’re looking for a refreshing dessert or snack with excellent nutritional values, this tiramisu-flavoured chia pudding is going to be a great choice.

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