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Fitness recipe: Poppy seed and nut rolls from curd dough

If you are one of the people who like sweet food, we will definitely make you happy with the following recipe! We have a recipe for curd rolls, which can be sprinkled with either poppy or nuts and topped with fragrant butter. Let’s prepare this delicacy loaded with protein!


For serving:

Ingredients for curd rolls

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First of all, create a solid dough from curd, semolina, flour and eggs. Divide it into two halves, and roll a thin roller from each of them with your hands. Cut small parts out of it with a knife, from which you shape the rolls with your hands. Cook the rolls in a larger pot in boiling salted water. We know that they are ready by floating to the surface. Serve the rolls sprinkled with ground poppy seeds or nuts, sugar and topped with butter. Enjoy this sweet treat!

Fitness recipe: Poppy seed and nut rolls from curd dough
Nutritional values per 1 serving (2 servings in total)






32 g

50 g

4 g

We believe that you will also enjoy this healthier version of delicious curd rolls. If you want to share the recipe with your friends, don’t forget to share it with them.