Recept - Tvarohová Panna cotta s lesným ovocím

Fitness Recipe: Panna Cotta with Curd & Forest Fruit

Panna cotta is a delicious dessert that you can mostly find in restaurants or cafés. But who said you couldn’t enjoy it with your afternoon coffee during the working week or after Sunday lunch? Prepare this excellent recipe for Curd Panna cotta with forest fruit at home. It doesn’t contain any cream or sugar since we replaced them with other healthier ingredients. This quick dessert is easy to prepare and is rich in protein. Let’s dive right into it!

Ingredients for the base:

Ingredients for the fruit layer:

  • fresh forest fruit – 100g raspberries, 100 g strawberries, 100g red currants
  • xanthan gum
  • chopped almonds for the garnish
Ingredients for Panna Cotta

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Mix curd with yoghurt in a bowl, and then add protein. Mix the fruit until smooth in another bowl. Add xanthan gum to the curd mixture. Mix well and quickly pour this mixture into the glasses. After adding the gum, it is necessary to work quickly so that the mixture does not become too stiff. Proceed in the same way with the fruit mixture, add the gum and pour it into the glass. Finally, decorate your Panna cotta with fresh fruits and almonds. Bon appétit!

Fitness Recipe: Panna Cotta with Curd & Forest Fruit
Nutritional values1 serving including fruit (4 servings in total)
Protein25 g
Carbohydrates15,5 g
Fat1,25 g
Fibre3,6 g

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