Fitness recipe: Curd chia pudding with fruit

Fitness recipe: Curd chia pudding with fruit

Are you always in a hurry in the morning but also like to treat yourself with a rich and nutritious breakfast at the same time? We have a solution for you in the form of curd chia pudding with fruit, that can be prepared the day before and in the morning you will just enjoy its great taste! Read more about the simple preparation!


Ingredients - Curd chia pudding

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We firstly mix the chia seeds with milk, yoghut and sweetener. Then let this mixture swell in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Meanwhile, mix the curd with any sweetener and cut the fruit into smaller pieces. Then layer chia pudding, curd and fresh with lyophilized fruit into 2 cups. Finish the layering with fruit and serve!

Fitness recipe: Curd chia pudding with fruit
Protein17 g
Carbohydrate23 g
Fat6 g

We believe that this recipe for curd chia pudding with fruit will not only make it easier for you, but also make your morning more pleasant. If you want to make it easier for your friends too, don’t forget to share the recipe with them.

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