8 apps to motivate and help you achieve your goals in fitness

If you are trying to lose weight or just want to start exercising regularly, or your goal is a higher level and complexity, then you definitely need motivation. Our list of best fitness apps will help you. They will remind you of your fitness goals and help to achieve them faster. At the same time, these apps contain all necessary functions, such as calorie counting, workout videos, or a playlist suitable for your workout.

Fitness requires some changes in lifestyle, and a small push, for example, by suitable app. That is why we have prepared a list of 8 fitness apps that you will definitely like. Some of them are suitable for people who have been training longer, and some are suitable for beginners. Some apps focus on certain functions, such as the nutritional value of food or music for training, others offer all these functions at once. These apps are easy to use and manage and will help you achieve all your goals by providing all information you need. Some apps can also be used with heart rate monitors, fitness bracelets or watches.

In general, these 8 apps can be divided into categories that include short workouts, calorie counting and nutritional value of food, activity tracking or music playlists for training. Most of them are suitable for both Android and iPhone, and some have a web version.

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You might be interested in these products:

1. Activity tracking apps

These apps are used to track sports activity while running or cycling, for example. Apps in this category are designed for competing professionals as well as people who love fitness community. This category includes apps such as Endomondo, MapMyFitness, Runtastic Pro and Strava.

There is also an app for tracking activity that will serve as an excellent motivation, since for every mile of walking, jogging or cycling you earn and donate money to charity. It is called Charity Miles and combines a healthy lifestyle along with social message.

2. Apps for short workouts

The most popular apps in this category are The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout and 7-Minute Workout from Wahoo Fitness. They offer a short 7-minute workout that takes into account all needs. This is a great choice for busy people, begginers or more experienced athletes. Both apps are completely free.

3. Calorie counting apps

MyFitnessPal has long been one of the best apps in this category. It has the largest food database for calorie counting and food tracking. It is used worldwide, so you will find nutritional value of food from all continents. A similar app is MyPlate by Livestrong, which will analyze everything you eat.


Calorie counting apps

4. Exercise music apps

Several fitness apps have been created to mix perfect music for your workout. These include FIT Radio, RockMyRun and Spring – Music for Fitness. In these apps, you will find playlists for intense workouts, running or yoga.

5. Motivating apps

Apps like SmilingMind, The Mindfulness App, or Aura are meditation apps that help relieve stress and find a few minutes for yourself. At the same time, these apps offer necessary motivation to move forward – whether in life or in sports.

8 fitness apps and websites

1. MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness is an app designed to track the progress of exercises, cycling, number of steps and many other activities. The choice of physical activity is quite diverse – from lawn mowing to yoga. Turn on app whenever you start any physical activity you want to record. App collects statistics, such as the distance and duration of your activity, using GPS and other sensors on your mobile phone. If you buy premium version, you can get even more detailed data, such as your heart rate, for example.

MapMyFitness - Fitness apps

All activity information is stored in your MapMyFitness account, where you can also see your progress. The app works with Apple Watch, Android Wear and Samsung Gear. This is an excellent choice for those who cannot make it to the gym, as the app will serve as an excellent motivation. MapMyFitness is an extremely practical application because it is suitable for people with different levels of fitness.

Version for: Android, iOS

Basic version: free

Premium version: 5,30 €/month, 26,50 €/year

2. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a calorie counting app. It provides an overview of how many calories you need to consume per day compared to the number of calories you burn during the day. The app will determine perfect ratio of calories to achieve your goals in sports. This is one of the best apps for tracking your food, if you are not limited by health problems, such as diabetes.

MyFitnessPal has a huge database of food and drinks, which means that you can easily find the food you consume, or scan the barcode of a product to get information about its nutritional value and calorie count. You can create records and easily adjust the amount of food you consume. At the same time, the app offers various articles and fitness recipes.

In the free version you can count calories and save data. The premium version includes the schedule of macronutrient intake (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) for different days of the week and other premium features.

Version for: Android, iOS, web

Basic version Runtastic: free

Premium version: 8,80 €/month, 44 €/year

MyFitnessPall App - Fitness Apps - GymBeam

3. Endomondo

Endomondo is an app for tracking the dynamics of your physical activity. It records how fast and how much distance you ran and how much time you spent stretching. This is a great helper for those who are looking for an app to record physical activity and needs motivation. Endomondo also has the function of communicating with friends and app users.

The free version provides basic functions. The premium version, however, promises more detailed training statistics, access to workouts and exercises, and most importantly – it is without annoying ads.

Version for: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, web

Basic version Runtastic: free

Premium version: 5,30 €/month, 26,50 €/year

4. Runtastic PRO

Runtastic PRO allows you to measure the number of steps, running distance or other indicators of physical activity. In addition, it contains various workouts that motivate you to continue working on yourself and your goals or to train productively for competitions.

While Runtastic is a free version of the same app, Runtastic PRO is a paid version that offers all the features at a reasonable and one-time price (4,50 €). These features include automatic pause, voice feedback, color coding of your route on a map, and more. With the PRO version you will be able to track your achievements while running or cycling.

Runtastic PRO,Fitness apps, GymBeam

It is compatible with Apple Watch, so you can start it by a watch. You can also monitor your results and receive alerts about your pace and distance.

Version for: Android, iOS, web

Basic version Runtastic: free

Premium version: 4,50 €

5. FIT Radio

FIT Radio is music streaming app that offers music for workout as well as video workouts. Here you can find stretching exercises, exercises for the whole body, meditation and rehabilitation exercises. FIT Radio is suitable for those who need perfect music during workout.  

It offers a playlist that will suit any exercise, for example, music suitable for strength training, lifting or running. You can even choose a mix of songs depending on the genre. The app will create a playlist that keeps your workout at a constant rhythm, allowing you to workout really hard.

However, a paid subscription is required. If you want to try it, then after registration the first three months can be used for free.

Version for: Android, iOS, web

Premium version: 25 €/3 month, 88 €/year

 FIT Radio

6. Strava

Strava is an application for runners and cyclists, as well as some swimmers who are looking for competition. Strava uses GPS on the phone or device to track and record data such as route length and speed. If you are a user of the Strava application, read the usage information, since your data will be generally available for public access, unless this is changed in the settings.

In the free version, there are enough functions available, but if you need more advanced functions, then you should buy the Strava Summit (from 2 € per month).

Version for: Android, iOS, web

Basic version: free

Premium version: from 2 €/month for Strava Summit

7. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

It offers circuit workouts, that are easy to find time for every day, since such training takes only 7 minutes. The level of exercise intensity depends on you and your fitness level. All you need is a chair and less than 10 minutes of time.


The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

Medium intensity workouts include such exercises as squats on a chair, fast running in place, triceps exercises with a chair and other exercises. You can also create your own workouts, noting your favorite exercises.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App is one of the best fitness apps for three reasons:

  • free
  • combines simplicity and useful information
  • fits most people

Version for: Android, iOS

Basic version: free

8. PEAR – Personal Fitness Coach

PEAR is a fitness app that was originally designed to monitor heart rate. Personal Fitness Coach offers a variety of workout programs that will help you understand the basic principle of the exercises and achieve more complex goals step by step, such as a 10-kilometer run.

It offers high-intensity HIIT training, yoga, jogging and other types of training. You can download either the free version of PEAR or the PEAR + version, which includes exclusive content.

Version for: Android, iOS

Basic version: free

Premium version: 5,30 €/month, 35 €/year for PEAR+

What fitness apps do you use? Did they help you achieve your fitness goals? Tell us about your experience of using such apps in the comments below. If you find this article useful and you liked it, please support us with a repost.