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Set of Resistance Bands Resistance 5 - GymBeam

Manufacturer: GymBeam
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The set of resistance bands Resistance 5 contains five resistance bands to help you achieve your fitness goals. Thanks to different levels of resistance, you will be able to adapt the training to your requirements, which will be appreciated by beginners as well as by advanced athletes. The resistance bands will work the whole body perfectly, and they are also suitable for rehabilitation exercises or stretching.

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Set of Resistance Bands Resistance 5 - Discover the benefits of resistance bands workout with varying levels of resistance for whole body training 

Set of resistance bands Resistance 5 consists of five resistance bands, which perfectly work the whole body. Different levels of resistance of individual resistance bands will be appreciated by beginners as well as advanced athletes, as you will be able to adapt the training to your requirements. Resistance bands will serve you not only during home workouts, but also at the gym or during outdoor workouts. They are ideal for working individual muscle parts, but they also have their use in stretching, rehabilitation exercises, yoga, Pilates or strength training.


Set of Resistance Bands Resistance 5 - GymBeam


Set of Resistance Bands Resistance 5 and their properties

Level of resistance bandLengthWidthThicknessResistance


60 cm

5 cm

0.35 mm

2.27 kg


60 cm

5 cm

0.5 mm

4.5 kg


60 cm

5 cm

0.7 mm

6.9 kg


60 cm

5 cm

0.9 mm

9 kg


60 cm

5 cm

1.1 mm

11.3 kg

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Set of Resistance Bands Resistance 5 - GymBeam

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Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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Set of Resistance Bands Resistance 5 - GymBeam

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