6 smoothie mistakes that make you gain weight

Smoothie is a refreshing, nutritious drink of all possible tastes and colors. It is not just how a smoothie looks like, but what all it can give to your body. Since nothing is as perfect as it may seem at the first sight, you should beware of the mistakes we often do when mixing these life refreshments. Eliminate these mistakes as soon as possible and make your smoothie even healthier than before. If you wish to lose excess kilograms, we give you few tips.

1. Mistake: Your smoothie recipe has fiber deficiency 

Fiber is like a magic weight loss pill, but you will not pay your whole property in the pharmacy for it. It is basically free and what is more important, it is absolutely bio and free of chemical products. You can find it in freely available sources and it can perfectly feed you for a longer time, so you will not be unnecessarily overeating during the day.

6 smoothie mistakes that make you gain weight

The most available source of fiber is fruit, but when choosing it you need to be careful and combine it into a smoothie properly. The most common ingredient in smoothie recipes is banana, but it is not because of the amount of fiber it contains but because of its consistency. Banana makes the smoothie more creamy. Since the banana contains approximately 1.4 grams of fiber and you want to lose weight, you should use approximately 10 grams of fiber in your smoothie. Therefore, the most suitable are strawberries, cabbage (it contains 2-times more fiber than spinach), avocado, kiwi, pears or chia seeds.

2. Mistake: Your smoothie misses protein

Your smoothie can have a saturated green color, but that does not mean that it contains the protein you need to maintain enough energy throughout the day. Your smoothie should contain at least 10 grams of protein which you can achieve the best when you add milk, soy milk, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, soft tofu, beans, nuts or peanut or almond butter. If you go to gym and you consume dietary supplements, you can also make your smoothie special with adding protein powder that gives enough protein to your drink.

6 smoothie mistakes that make you gain weight

3. Mistake: Too much fruits = too much sugar

Of course, this drink does not have to just taste good. It is mainly about being healthy, full of vitamins, fiber and proteins derived from vegetables and fruits. But even in this case, you should not exaggerate anything. Drinking a cold and creamy smoothie made from different fruits can not be beneficial for your body and diet.

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Although the fruit contains a lot of fiber, vitamins and nutrients, it also contains a lot of sugar and a lot of calories. Before you fill your blender with fruits to the top, think of the amount of calories in your smoothie that can reach a level of up to 500 kcal. Since the fruit contains of a lot of sugar, it will feed you for a maximum of an hour and then again you will be surprised by the stabbing feelings of hunger. If you want to avoid it, you should combine fruit with the source of protein such as milk, soy milk, yogurt or protein powder.

And what about sweeteners? When mixing a smoothie, you can say: “One tablespoon of honey or maple syrup can not hurt me”. However, one such spoon can add up to 60 more calories to your smoothie. These sweeteners may be healthy, organic and raw, but that does not mean you have to overdo it with sweet. Even a fruit that contains fructose can be considered a natural sweetener and it is healthier than any sweetener in the world.

4. Mistake: You add ingredients into the smoothie which are “healthy”  

Let’s get back to calories for a moment. Unfortunately, the fact that something is healthy does not mean that it has low calories. Some food, such as avocados, woodpeckers, nuts, whole yogurts, flavored milk, fresh juices, and even fruits such as apples, pears, mangoes, cherries and bananas, contain a lot of calories. That is why you should use only a small amount of these ingredients in your smoothie and you will see great results.

6 smoothie mistakes that make you gain weight

5. Mistake: Smoothie replaces your main meal

Proteins and carbohydrates are essential after training. You should only understand smoothie as a snack. Smoothies tend to contain around 300 calories or more, so combine according to your daily intake of calories. To avoid taking hundreds of excess calories, the easy solution is to divide your favorite smoothie recipe into two halves.

6 smoothie mistakes that make you gain weight

6. Mistake: Prepare it today, drink it tomorrow 

The last mistake we would like to point out is that a smoothie should always be prepared just right before you consume it. However, if you are out of time and want to prepare a smoothie for breakfast, do not forget to place it in the refrigerator and consume it the next morning or within a maximum of 24 hours. Although the fruit that you put into a smoothie may not be freshly purchased from the store, you should make sure you always have a fresh drink.

6 smoothie mistakes that make you gain weight

Of course, to you smoothie you can also add a bit of grounded cinnamon which has a beneficial effect on your diet and voilà, healthy smoothie without unnecessary calories and carbohydrates is born. This drink will ensure you a good mood and a tasty life energizers without any remorse.

We strongly believe that these advice and tips will help you to prepare truly healthy smoothies. We will be happy if you will share this article with your friends or leave us a comment what mistakes you did during preparation of smoothie.