How to get a nicely toned six-pack? First of all, stop looking around for that one miraculous 5 minute ab exercises. It’s not only about the training, but also about your eating habits, sleep and recovery. In this article, we’ll discuss how to approach it all.

Did you know that protein plays a big role not only in muscle growth, but also in the proper function of the immune system or the feeling of satiety? Getting enough of it is really important. Today’s article will tell you how much protein you should eat evey day, what is the difference between its plant and animal sources or how it can help with weight loss.

Have you started the process of losing weight and is it not going as well as expected? It’s very likely that you are restricting yourself too much. Fatigue and constant feeling of hunger don’t have to be part of your schedule. Today’s article will tell you what to do to make losing weight a slightly better experience.