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Loop Band Set is a functional fitness accessory that will help you effectively exercise your legs and buttocks. It's perfect for bodyweight home workouts, as an extra load during gym workouts, as well as for yoga and pilates sessions. Each resistance band has a different resistance level, so you can adjust the intensity to your needs.

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Loop Band Set is an effective fitness accessory that will help you add more intensity to your butt and leg workout

Loop Band Set, also known as Booty Bands, is an effective fitness tool to intensify your leg and butt workout. Each of these three wide closed-loop bands offers a different resistance level, allowing you to customize the intensity to your own abilities and needs. You can thus easily adjust the workout intensity to suit your preferences.


Resistance bands are useful for a wide range of activities. They can be used for bodyweight exercises, as an addition to your gym workouts, during yoga or pilates classes or even for rehabilitation exercises. Popular exercises with resistance bands include donkey kicks, lateral leg raises, side steps, squats, glute bridge and leg abductions, for example. When working out with these Booty Bands, you'll engage your muscles more effectively, helping you build a firmer and rounder butt.


These bands are notable for their strength and durability, yet they are made from an elastic material combined with cotton, making them pleasant to the touch and comfortable to exercise with. They also reliably stay in place. If you are looking for an effective tool to help you firm and shape your buttocks, this set is the right choice.




Loop Band Set & its benefits

  • functional fitness tool
  • also known as Booty Bands
  • wide and elastic resistance bands
  • closed-loop design
  • strong and durable
  • each band offers a different resistance level
  • pleasant to the touch and comfortable to exercise with
  • reliably stay in place
  • help increase the intensity and difficulty of your workout
  • suitable for bodyweight home or gym workouts  
  • help strengthen, firm and sculpt legs and buttocks
  • suitable for yoga and pilates




Rubber, polyester             


Loop Band Set dimensions

Resistance band colour Length Width Resistance
black 33 cm 8 cm  0 - 68 kg
grey 38 cm 8 cm 0 - 40 kg
red 43 cm 8 cm 0 - 25 kg
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