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Loop Band Set - GymBeam

Manufacturer: GymBeam
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Loop Band Set is a set of 3 resistance closed-loop bands. They are great fitness equipment to work out the whole body, whether it is strength workout or yoga, Pilates or stretching. 

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Loop Band Set - a set of 3 resistance loop bands to strengthen the whole body

Loop Band Set is a set of 3 resistance closed-loop bands of various size. Thanks to the closed loop, you can easily use resistance bands, which will ensure comfortable workout. The use of this set of resistance loop bands is really universal - from strength workouts, yoga, Pilates up to stretching and rehabilitation exercises. You will also appreciate the closed loop during butt exercises, when the resistance loop bands will help you to intense your workout and load. The set consists of 3 pieces of resistance loop bands in grey, black and red colour. They are made of cotton and rubber combination. 


      Loop Band Set - GymBeam           


Loop Band Set and their size

The colour of loop bandLengthWidthResistance
black 33 cm 8 cm  0 - 68 kg
grey 38 cm 8 cm 0 - 40 kg
red 43 cm 8 cm 0 - 25 kg
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Loop Band Set - GymBeam

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Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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Loop Band Set - GymBeam

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