Recept - Ovsená kaša cez noc s pudingom a čokoládovou krustou

Fitness Recipe: Overnight Oats with Pudding & Chocolate Crust

Are you a gourmet? We hold the opinion that food must not only be nutritious but must also taste and look good. We are bringing you another recipe for a sweet and nutritious breakfast. And since you will prepare it the day before eating it, you can enjoy your morning to the fullest. Try out these overnight oats with pudding and chocolate crust. Let’s prepare them together!


Ingredients for Overnight Oats with Puding & Chocolate Crust

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Mix oats with protein, Greek yoghurt, and milk. Pour the porridge into a bowl in which you want to serve it. Apply a layer of cooked pudding on top. Melt the chocolate with coconut oil and pour this mixture over the porridge with pudding. Let the porridge bowl harden in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Before serving, break a layer of chocolate with a spoon. Enjoy every bite!

Fitness Recipe: Overnight Oats with Puding & Chocolate Crust
Nutritional values1 serving (1 serving in total)
Protein35 g
Carbohydrates44 g
Fat16 g

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