5 secrets of HIIT training that you have to know

Short, fast and high intensity interval training called HIIT is the best way how to burn excess kilograms and get rid of the tires around the waist. If you are not sure if you are doing it right, Sean Bartram, trainer of cheerleaders Indianapolis Colts and author of the book High-Intensity Interval Training For Women, has written some secrets we will share with you. Stop worrying about HIIT training and take advantage of this training with following tips for beginners.

1. You do not have to go with full power from the beginning

The idea of a sweaty, muscular guy denying the laws of gravity by performing boxing jumps is enough to deter you from trying high intensity interval training. Almost every “explosive” movement can be adjusted until you are ready to take your training to the next level.

5 secrets of HIIT training that you have to know

„Do not be afraid of HIIT“, says Sean. „If you do not feel comfortable when doing plyometric exercises, you can still replace them.“ For example, Sean recommends lunge backwards instead of jump lunge if you do not feel like doing it. Focus first on feeling these movements, if you are ready, add more explosive elements.

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2. Form is more important than repetition

It is important to focus on your own form of exercise and whether you are doing repetitions correctly. „We have one golden rule, which is that the form accuracy is on the first place and only in the second is speed. You have to care about quality, not quantity.“, says Sean. So, if you can only do 5 perfect squats in 30 seconds, you are successful and focus on performing the exercise.

5 secrets of HIIT training that you have to know

3. Yes, you can adjust your exercises, but you have to try them first

Even if you can not stay longer with the bends on the horizontal bar, do not hang your head. You can also adjust the exercise during workout – make sure you do at least one repetition even if your muscles are trembling and you are not sure if you can. „Start with classic bends, and even if you do just two, you should still do them before you start your modified bends, and then continue repeating,“ explains Sean. „Maybe in the third set you make only one classic bend before you go down (if you make at least one whole bend), and that will help you gain more power.“

4. Rest means rest

„Do not worry, that 30 seconds will pass very fast. Make sure that you really rest when you should rest to lower your pulse,“ recommends Sean. „Like this, you will be able to start next round with intensity you wish.“

5 secrets of HIIT training that you have to know

5. Remember to hydrate before workout

You will get thirsty from HIIT training, but drinking water during the workout will guarantee you stomach cramps. Sean recommends to drink 1,5 up to 3 dcl ionic drink 30 minutes before training. During the training you should take small sips of the water or sports drinks dedicated for this purpose. If you are considering taking these drinks, you can read about them in the article: How to properly replenish fluids and to try ionic drinks.

5 secrets of HIIT training that you have to know

You you were not sure about HIIT- high intensity interval training, we believe that this article helped you and showed you how to handle it without unnecessary worries about it. These 5 secrets of HIIT training from specialist will ensure that you will look forward to HIIT training. What type of HIIT training do you prefer?