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Vegan products from manufacturer BioToday is a category that includes foods with a purely plant-based ingredient profile. These products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, including dairy, meat, eggs, fish, gelatin, or honey. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals whose diets are based on plant-based foods. As the name of the category suggests, they are ideal for vegans and perfect for preparing vegan recipes.

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In the category of vegan products, you'll find:

  • Plant-based meat alternatives that will add variety and versatility to your diet. You can serve tofu, tempeh, or seitan with a cereal side dish, add them to pasta sauce, or use them to create tasty vegan burgers.
  • Legumes will help increase your protein intake. You can use them to prepare colourful salads, soups as well as burritos. If you want to substitute legumes for something else, then legume pasta is the perfect choice for you.
  • Cereals and pseudocereals are the foundation of a healthy diet. Whether you choose buckwheat, rice, or quinoa, you can use them as a side dish, create a delicious soufflé, or make unique cereal-vegetable pancakes.
  • Cereal products like couscous, bulgur, or pasta will come in handy in many vegan recipes. You can prepare a delicious wrap using a wheat tortilla, or if you're craving pizza, a soft pizza base is sure to save the day.
  • Porridge, granola, or cereals are also great for vegan breakfasts. They taste great with plant-based milk or yoghurt.
  • Freeze-dried fruits can be enjoyed on vegan cakes, crêpes, pancakes, or even porridge.
  • Nuts can enrich your daily diet with healthy fats, proteins, and fibre. You can use them to prepare a delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread, vegan almond biscuits, or simply add them to porridge or as a topping on a cake.
  • Nut butters are perfect on pancakes, granola, or just eat them out of the jar with a spoon. They can also be used to create amazing recipes, such as these no-bake peanut butter biscuits.
  • Seeds can be sprinkled on salads or cereal porridge, or used to create interesting meals like chia pudding or some crunchy seed crackers.
  • Superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, green barley, or matcha will complement your diet with essential nutrients. For example, chlorella is very valuable for its vitamin B12 content, which vegans should pay attention to.
  • Vegan snacks, such as energy bars, protein bars, flapjacks, or protein chips, are perfect for on-the-go snacking or busy workdays.
  • Plant-based protein powders, such as hemp, pea, soy, or the multi-component Vegan Blend, can easily increase the protein content in a vegan diet. They are suitable for athletes as well as for anyone who wants to ensure sufficient protein intake.  
  • Chocolate, which vegans can also indulge in. For example, reach for the high-quality 90% dark chocolate, which is also dairy-free. 
  • The offer also includes various sweeteners, jams, oils, sauces, fruit shots, and other tasty foods that will freshen up your vegan diet.

The aforementioned foods are ideal for preparing tasty home-cooked plant-based meals. If you can't wait to try your hand at them and are looking for inspiration for new recipes, be sure to check out the section of vegan recipes on our blog.

In case you're interested in what vegans should pay attention to in their diet, read our article: What Nutrients Vegans Lack the Most Often and How to Supplement Them?

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