Top 17 fitness podcasts about exercise and healthy eating

Top 17 fitness podcasts about exercise and healthy eating

We live in the age of podcasts – a fast and convenient form of obtaining information. Therefore, this trend has not missed the world of the fitness industry, which is full of quality content in the form of audio recordings. Read about the top 17 fitness podcasts about exercise and healthy eating that should not be missing on your mobile!

Top 17 fitness podcasts about exercise and healthy eating

Why are podcasts popular?

Podcasts are basically audio recordings of spoken word available on the Internet. It is usually a series of episodes focused on specific or very similar topics, such as sports, business or marketing. Simply search for a specific show on any of the apps or websites and you will get specialized content from all over the world. [1] 

Compared to videos or books, podcasts have one huge advantage. As you don’t have to focus 100% on them and you only hear pure audio content, you can enjoy them really anywhere. On the way to work, in the car, on a walk or in the gym. Another advantage is that podcasts are mostly free and you can easily access them using multiple streaming apps and websites, such as iTunes podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, PlayerFM. All you need is a mobile phone or laptop, the right app, wi-fi and optionally headphones. [2]

In our article, we focused on the top 17 fitness podcasts about exercise and healthy eating, which we believe are full of quality content and information.

Podcasts about exercise and healthy eating

The selection of podcasts focused on fitness, health, wellness or healthy eating is really varied. There is a series of podcasts focused on pre-workout motivation or you can listen to episodes about setting up a workout or eating plan. The choice is yours! We bring you a list of the best podcasts about health and fitness that will inform, entertain and inspire you to achieve your goals. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Trained by NIKE

This is a really interesting podcast, created by leading figures of the company NIKE. During episodes, you will be accompanied by CEO of the company, Ryan J. Flatherty, who leads  conversations with the best experts in sports, exercise, healthy eating and overall preparation for the best physical performance. Thanks to really high-quality content, you will discover information about the latest innovations, knowledge and trends in the fitness world.

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Barbell Shrugged 

A really successful podcast is primarily focused on the right technique and benefits of exercising. Some episodes include interviews with scientists, coaches, athletes and experts in their field. The podcast has already nearly 500 episodes, with new episodes coming out every week, so you’ll definitely have fun.

Shredded by Science

A specific kind of fitness podcast, whose name speaks for itself! The podcast is primarily focused on trainers and professional athletes, not on the occasional visitors of the fitness center. The show increases the knowledge of professional trainers by studying trends and research in the field of fitness. However, you will not be bored even if you are not yet on a professional level. Most episodes focus on general topics that will catch an attention of anyone who wants to expand their fitness know-how.

Iron Radio

The world of iron lifting is really varied. A group of professional physiologists, bodybuilders and strength trainers skillfully discuss it on Iron Radio. You will learn a lot of information about proper nutrition, supplementation, training, coaching and the overall psychology of lifting dumbbells.

Why are podcasts popular?

Bucci Radio 

Now something for the ladies! The author of the podcast is a young American youtuber, bikini fitness woman and trainer Amanda Bucci. She started recording in 2017 and to this day she made a little over 200 episodes. She invites interesting guests from various fields to talk about sports, fitness, a healthy lifestyle, personal development, as well as business and marketing. There is a really wide range of topics, among which everyone can choose their own.

Muscle For Life with Mike Matthews

If you are interested in everything about building muscle mass, losing weight and a healthy lifestyle, this podcast is just for you. Each episode, you will be accompanied by fitness lover and businessman Mike Matthews, who will provide you with simple scientific know-how and inspiration in building your dream figure. In addition, a shorter episode called Monday Motivation is released every Monday, which will serve as a great start to a new week full of challenges!

Podcasts about exercising

The Jillian Michaels Show

Jillian Michaels is truly a “veteran” in her field, and the right person to give advice and tips on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Her podcast appeared on the first place in the chart of the best fitness podcasts in the United States.

Every Monday, Jillian brings you an inspiring and informative program about health and exercise that will fill many areas of your life. Together with her business partners, friends and trainers, she discusses various fitness topics, but also talks about how to achieve real happiness in life. In addition, Jillian also opens the gate to her private life and shares her own experiences.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

As the name suggests, Mind Pump reveals the raw uncensored truth about health, exercise, fitness, nutrition, but also supplementation. The show is hosted by Justin Andrews, Adam Schafer and Sall Di Stefano, who answer some of the most popular questions about fitness.

They deal with topics such as the truth about testosterone, how to build muscles even without dumbbells, and what trends are breaking into the world of fitness and powerlifting. The main goal of the show is to destroy myths and spread only the truth and proven facts from the world of the fitness industry.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Only real experts should give advice on a healthy lifestyle and exercising. Ben Greenfiel is one of them – a coach, former professional bodybuilder and winner of the Ironman Triathlon. In his show, Ben shares incredibly practical advice with the most famous personalities in the field of fitness and nutrition. In addition, Greenfield can boast with master’s degrees in physiology, biomechanics and nutrition, making his advice really beneficial and designed especially for intermediate athletes and professionals.

Froning and Friends

Rich Froning is an American professional CrossFit star who is known for his success at the CrossFit Games, where he defended the title „Fittest Man on Earth“ 4 times. Rich is an equally good speaker, so he started to talk about his success in the Froning and Friends podcast. In it, he meets interesting personalities and elites of CrossFit, where they discuss their enthusiasm for this sport.

GymBeam podcasts

20 Minute Fitness

An all-in-one fitness podcast that immerses you in the scientific perspective of today’s fitness industry. You will learn essential information about nutrition and exercise methodology, all in just 20 minutes. Thanks to 20 Minute Fitness, you will stay informed about current trends in the field of fitness, while you do not have to spend long hours reading books to obtain this information.

Beginner: The Guardian Guide to Running

Although it is an older podcast, it is one of the few of its kind. It is designed for people who want to start running and need help and motivation. The podcast is basically an 8-week training program for beginner runners, where you will learn all about the right running technique and which will encourage your endurance.

The Habit Coach Podcast

Do you have a problem with motivation and following good habits? Ashdin Doctor, a habits coach, can help you with that. In his podcasts, he will guide you through creating simple habits that will make it much easier to follow a healthy lifestyle.

You will learn habits in the field of health, sleep, eating, productivity, exercise, but also relationships. It’s more of a light podcast, where each episode lasts about 5 minutes and is full of fun but informative facts.

Podcasts focused on healthy nutrition

Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison

Christy Harrison is a graduate dietitian and certified counselor in the field of nutrition and intuitive eating. In her podcast, she talks to other nutritionists and they discuss topics such as relationship to food, eating disorders, weight acceptance, eating right, or exercising and building self-confidence. In podcasts, Christy also shares her own experiences and eating problems.

Podcasts focused on healthy nutrition

Food Heaven Podcast

In the podcasts, you will be accompanied by best friends and registered nutritionists Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones. They invite other nutrition experts to their show and discuss eating problems with them. Each week, they delve deep into topics such as physical health, food and culture, intuitive eating, mental health, and weight acceptance. They also deal with the latest trends in nourishment but are not ashamed to discuss the truth about the effects of the world’s most famous diets.

The Model Health Show

A fun but at the same time very informative podcast about the nourishment. You will be accompanied by renowned nutritionist Shawn Stevenson, who discusses serious food intake problems and facilitates their understanding and solution. He covers topics about weight loss, chronic insomnia, heart disease, sex, hormonal imbalances and other health problems. Steven regularly invites renowned experts and doctors to his shows, thanks to which his podcasts take on a maximum professional dimension.

Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger

If you are interested in topics about Alzheimer’s disease, weight loss or how alcohol affects your body weight, podcasts by Dr. Michael Greger are something for you. Maybe Dr. Greger will be reminiscent of a boring high school biology teacher, but know that his view on some eating-related health problems will open your eyes. Dr. Greger is the founder of and the author of the New York Times bestseller „How Not to Die“. In his podcasts, he will guide you through research on proven ways to maintain optimal health by choosing the right foods.

The best Slovak and Czech fitness podcasts



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