Smoothie is the ideal treat for those who are often on the go and need to have a snack or breakfast at hand. However, it’s also popular among people who struggle to eat solid food in the morning or need to replenish energy anytime during the day.

How to make a creamy smoothie?

One of the significant advantages of smoothies is their easy preparation. Just put all the ingredients into a blender and blend until you achieve the desired consistency. If it’s too thick, add more liquids. If it seems too thin, you can add more fruit or perhaps oats.

What ingredients to use for a smoothie?

The foundation of any smoothie is vegetables or fruit, which can come in any form, including fresh, frozen, preserved, or freeze-dried. To turn the smoothie into a balanced snack or breakfast, you need to add other macronutrients. Ingredients like quark or protein powder (vegan too) can provide a protein boost, while nuts or nut butters offer healthy fats. If you also want to increase the nutritional content, you can incorporate oats or chia seeds. Adding superfoods like matcha, spirulina, or chlorella is also becoming increasingly popular.

During blending, you can adjust the consistency by adding any liquid or ice as needed. That said, when preparing a smoothie, always keep in mind that it’s not a weight loss drink. With the right ingredients, it can easily replace a full meal.

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What works best when combined in a smoothie?

The advantage of smoothies is that they can taste different every day—simply add ingredients like carrots or spinach to achieve a different colour and flavour. If you’re not into experimentation, you can easily bet on our tried-and-true combinations that never disappoint. Excellent choices include apple-beet, chocolate, or spinach-fruit smoothies. However, you also can’t go wrong by blending any type of fruit, for example, strawberries and bananas, with yoghurt. Coconut-flavoured smoothies are also up there with our favourites. For a creamier texture, opt for a combination of forest fruit with protein powder and chia seeds. And if you are a fan of carrot cake, you simply must try a carrot smoothie that remarkably resembles its taste.

As you can see, a smoothie is a unique drink that can be prepared in many ways, and it’s only up to you which ingredients you decide to prepare it with.

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