Chickpeas are a type of legume also commonly known as Garbanzo Beans. They have come to the attention of healthy lifestyle enthusiasts largely thanks to their high protein content. This is also why vegans, vegetarians and other people who try to avoid consuming meat often include them in their regular diet. Some may be put off by the fact that chickpeas are ideally pre-soaked before cooking. However, this is something you can easily get used to. Alternatively, you can always skip this step by purchasing canned chickpeas in brine, or an RTE variant, which is prepared for immediate consumption.

One of the great advantages of chickpeas is their versatility in the kitchen. They can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, as you can blend them into doughs and pastry fillings that result in delicious desserts with balanced nutritional profile. For example, how about some chickpea blondies? Savoury food lovers will not be disappointed either. You probably don’t need to be introduced to hummus, which can be prepared in a myriad of styles. Simply prepare your base with chickpeas and tahini, and leave all of the seasoning to your imagination. Moreover, chickpeas can be used to prepare a full-fledged main course, for example it can be goulash, paprikash, spreads, salads or soups. And if you are looking for some crunchy TV snack, then spice-roasted chickpeas are the perfect choice.

Chickpeas are quite simply a unique and delicious ingredient that should be among the essentials of everyone looking to keep a healthy diet.

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