Cheesecake is a delicious dessert that combines crunchy biscuits with a rich creamy layer, typically based on mascarpone cheese. However, the possibilities are endless, and there are already hundreds of different alternatives to this classic. These variations can include ingredients such as butter spread, quark, yoghurt, whipped cream, and other delightful additions.

How to prepare the best cheesecake?

There are numerous recipes for the best cheesecake. Ultimately, it depends on your taste preferences, the ingredients you choose for the base, and whether you want to enhance it with a topping, such as peanut butter frosting. While crushed biscuits are typically the choice for making the crust, you can also make it from sponge fingers, nuts, oats, or even bake your own base. If you prefer a simple recipe, you can omit the crust entirely, as we did when baking our quark-poppyseed cheesecake. Similarly easy to make is the no-bake Oreo and quark cheesecake and the no-bake raspberry cheesecake.

However, cheesecake doesn’t have to be just a dessert; if you incorporate a decent amount of protein, perhaps with the addition of protein powder, it can become a balanced snack or breakfast. Evidence of this is our healthy coconut cheesecake. But if you prefer different flavours, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a caramel, chocolate, blueberry, or pistachio cheesecake.

Perhaps you are concerned about baking an entire cake if you’re unsure about finishing it all. For such cases, we have a recipe for apple cheesecake in a cup, which offers two servings that you can take anywhere with you.

Whether you’re craving something sweet or contemplating the perfect treat for breakfast or a snack, a healthy cheesecake will always be the right choice.

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