Beef is the cornerstone in a plethora of beloved recipes originating from various corners of the world. It stands out for its rich flavour, high-quality protein content, B-vitamins, and minerals such as iron. Beef is easily recognizable by its distinctive red colour.

How to prepare beef?

There are countless recipes featuring beef. An immortal classic is beef stroganoff, chilli con carne from Mexican cuisine, beef cheeks, or roasted beef with mushrooms, peas, or cream. Less traditional but equally popular are the Vietnamese dishes with beef, such as Bún bò Nam Bô.  You can also prepare a perfect steak, tartare, or carpaccio using a quality piece of meat, such as the tenderloin. Thinly sliced roasted beef also makes for an excellent filling for baguettes or sandwiches. However, if you want to treat your guests to a luxurious delight, try preparing beef pastrami, which pairs perfectly with fresh bread. More skilled chefs can even turn the tenderloin into beef Wellington. 

Minced beef is also popular, for example, for preparing juicy beef burritos, burgers, shepherd’s pie, or as a filling for stuffed sweet potatoes. In addition to sweet potatoes or regular potatoes, rice, pasta, bulgur, and quinoa are also exceptional side dishes for beef. Besides main courses, you can also prepare a hearty beef broth that will warm you up nicely. What’s more, you can use it as a base for Japanese ramen or Vietnamese Phở bò soup.

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Fitness recipe: Juicy beef burrito with quinoa

We will delight more of you with the following recipe! If you are a lover of Mexican cuisine, you will definitely enjoy this beef burrito recipe. In addition to a quality dose of protein from beef, quinoa and beans, it will also provide you with a decent amount of fibre and complex carbohydrates. Come with us to prepare this exotic street food delicacy!

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