Stephanie Davis: Fitnesska, která sestavila cvičební program na hubnutí

Stephanie Davis: Bikini Fitness Winner, Model and Author of a Popular Exercise Plan

Stephanie Davis is a young Austrian woman whose success has been noticed by almost everyone who is interested in women’s sports. She was born on May 13, 1991 and has been involved in many activities since an early age. She tried, for example, horseback riding, ballet, gymnastics and athletics. At that time, however, it never occurred to her that she could make a living doing sports, so she wanted to become a saleswoman, teacher or dentist.

The first major turnaround in her life came when Stephanie was 16 years old. Then a man on the street approached her with an offer for a photography session. After much thinking, she eventually decided to try a new opportunity and, accompanied by her mother, went on her first professional photo shoot. It turned out great and the photos had a lot of positive feedback. When Stephanie found out that money could be made this way, she decided to contact agencies that could provide her with more such opportunities. Unfortunately, she met with rejection, as she was simply too short for a model with her height of 162 cm. But young Stephanie did not get discouraged. She began to successfully search for auditions herself, which she could participate in as a model. Thanks to that, she was able to earn extra money during her studies doing photo modelling.

From photo modeling to fitness

The second life-changing moment happened when she was roughly 20 years old, when she discovered the magic of strength training and literally fell for it. She especially loved how fast her body changes thanks to exercise. She turned her effort and diligence into success right after several months of training and diet. Moreover, she participated in her first fitness competition and won it. Further successes did not take long.

Which achievements does Stephanie Davis value the most?

  • 1st place – Fitness Model World Championship 2012
  • 1st place – IFBB Bikini Fitness Austria 2013
  • 1st place – IFBB Bikini Fitness Hungary 2013
  • Overall Victory – IFBB Bikini Fitness 2013

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What did Stephanie Davis’ training plan look like?

You may be wondering what the secret of her success is. Don’t worry, there are no spells involved. The key is a quality diet and a sophisticated training plan that has been tailored exactly to her needs. At the time of her greatest fitness success, Stephanie weighed approximately 50 kg. Her figure was rather small, so she tried to build muscle mass, especially in the upper body. She considered that part of her body her greatest weakness.

In accordance with this she also prepared her training plan:

  • Monday: legs
  • Tuesday: arms
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: back
  • Friday: chest and abs
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: shoulders

To this strength training, she added cardio twice a week. In order to achieve maximum performance, during exercise she listened to rap, dubstep and heavy metal.

What did Stephanie Davis eat?

In order to achieve great results, Stephanie also had to focus more on what she was eating. She based her diet on whole, healthy foods full of quality micronutrients. At home, she always had to have some potatoes, nuts, eggs, meat and rice. She also never forgot about getting enough fruits and vegetables to supply fibre and help satiate.

To get a better idea of her diet, look at an example of an usual day on her plate:

Breakfast: oatmeal, coconut flakes, honey, BCAA

Snack: a handful of cashew nuts or almonds

Lunch: grilled chicken or fish, potatoes, vegetables, BCAA

Snack: banana or dextrose

2nd Afternoon Snack: whey protein, smoked salmon, BCAA

Dinner: tuna salad, casein

What food supplements was she using?

The more attentive of you certainly did not miss the fact that food supplements also appear in her diet. Which ones did Stephanie regularly use?

Thanks to the fact that she educated herself in the field of diet and training, she decided to pass on her know-how to other people as well, and thus created her own fitness plan. Through it, she tries to help clients set up the right diet so that they can eat healthily and not have to starve. The plan also includes 30-minute training videos, which she claims are suitable for every woman. As she says: “Whoever wants to work on themselves, is looking for a way to do it, whoever does not want to, is looking for reasons why it is not possible.”

From fitness to fashion

Do you feel that Stephanie Davis is inspiring in many ways? Then you will be certainly interested in what she is doing at the moment. Her life is no longer just about fitness. Although she still sells her exercise plan, on social networks she focuses mainly on fashion.

She shares her day-to-day outfits, which are, however, more elegant than sporty. Occasionally, she also posts a photo wearing some fitness clothes. That’s usually when she tries to get her fans to start moving. However, there are also articles in which she is not afraid to admit that she haven’t exercised for several months because she simply did not have enough motivation.

And as it seems, this content is also interesting for her fans. In May 2021, she had about 1.3 million followers on Instagram and almost 3.2 million on Facebook, and that not a small audience.

Although her posts do not indicate that she is currently planning a return to the stage, we cannot say for sure that she doesn’t have some tricks hidden up her sleeve.

What do you think? Will Stephanie Davis return to competing, or will she remain posting fashion photos? Tell us what you think in the comments, and if you liked the article, be sure to share it with your friends.


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