Fitness recipe: Protein chocolate cupcakes

We bring you another delicious fitness recipe from our manufactory – protein chocolate cupcakes. You will be pleased that we do not need any sugar to make them, we have replaced it with agave syrup, and even flour, we will need a mixture of nuts, coconut, dates and protein. Protein will take care of the extra dose of protein and cashew nuts will give you a healthy fat supplement.

For the cream we need: 

 For 7-8 cupcakes we will need:

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1. Put the cashews in the bowl, pour twice the amount of water and let them soften overnight.

2. Then rinse the cashew and mix it with the other ingredients into a smooth cream.

3. Put the cream in the refrigerator.

4. Then put the mix of nuts, which is cut into the smallest pieces, but not entirely into flour, into the blender. Then add the dates, coconut a protein and mix until solid.

5. Divide this base mixture for cupcakes into seven to eight equal parts. We put them in a muffin pan and shape the cups with your fingers

6. Fill the cups with chocolate cashew cream.

We can put them in the refrigerator to solidify, or serve immediately. Served can be sprinkled with dark grated chocolate or toppedwith noncaloric Chocolate Syrup. Bon appetite!

Fitness recipe: Protein chocolate cupcakes

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