Fitness Recipe: Oat Pancakes with Apple and Cinnamon

Fitness Recipe: Oat Pancakes with Apple and Cinnamon

The autumn season certainly doesn’t only include stuff made from pumpkins. That’s why this time we picked apple pancakes, which, thanks to the cinnamon, make the whole kitchen smell amazing. Apart from juicy apples, the base also contains oats, which will increase the proportion of fibre and help create the perfect consistency. And, of course, extra protein in the form of powder is a must, as it will help increase the proportion of proteins. To create a perfect culinary experience just add caramelised apple and liquid almond butter when serving.


Ingredients for the garnish:

Oat Pancakes With Apple And Cinnamon - Ingredients

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Start by preparing the dough. Take an apple, cut it in half, remove the core and grate it roughly into a bowl. Then add oats, eggs, milk, maple syrup and protein and mix until smooth. Add cinnamon, ground ginger, baking soda and lemon juice to the dough and mix everything together again. Then take a pan (it can also be a pancake pan), spray the surface with cooking spray and fry the pancakes from both sides until golden.

Oats Pancakes with Apple and Cinnamon - Method

Before serving, you’ll also need to prepare a caramelised apple. Cut 100 g of apple into small pieces (you can also peel the skin), mix it with cinnamon and maple syrupThen put it in a pan sprayed with oil and fry it until golden. Once that’s done, you can serve.

Serve the pancakes warm, with the caramelised apple and drizzled with a little almond butter, which will help create a perfect combination of flavours.

Oats Pancakes with Apple and Cinnamon
Nutritional Values
1 serving (2 servings total)
Energy value447 kcal
Protein22 g
Cabrohydrates57 g
Fats13 g
Fibre7 g

So, are you sold on these autumn pancakes with the perfect combination of apples, cinnamon and almond butter? Give them a try and see if they become your new breakfast favourite.

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