Fitness recept - lehký salát s bílkovou omeletou a kozím sýrem

Fitness Recipe: Light Salad with Egg White Omelette and Goat Cheese

This recipe will surely please everyone who likes unusual flavour combinations. We decided to combine goat cheese with peaches, tomato and honey-mustard sauce, which doesn’t add any extra calories. If you are among the fans of a low-carb diet, you will certainly like this one. Otherwise, you can supplement carbohydrates with some bread.


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Rinse the salad, let the excess water drip out and put it on a plate. Cut the tomatoes into wedges and set them aside with the salad. Then separate three egg whites, or if you don’t know what to do with the leftover yolks, you can use liquid egg whites. Take a smaller non-stick pan (ideally one that can fit only one egg, or you can use a pancake pan), spray it with oil and heat it up. Put all the egg whites on it and wait until they are completely done. They are done when they are solid and don’t shake like jelly when you move the pan. Put the finished egg white omelette on the plate where you prepared the salad. Add salt to taste.

Next, take a peach and cut it into smaller wedges. Heat up a larger pan, spray it again with some oil, let the peach caramelise and put it on the salad with tomatoes. Now all you have to do is put goat cheese on top of the omelette and cover it with hemp seedsFinally, pour some ZERO SAUCE Honey-Mustard on top and you’re done.

Light salad with egg white omelette and goat cheese

Nutritional values

1 serving

Energy value316 kcal
Protein26.5 g
Cabrohydrates14 g
Fats16.5 g
Fiber3 g

If you are a fan of a low-carb diet, this recipe is perfect for you. Otherwise, you can enjoy this delicacy with some crispy toast.

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