Fitness recept: Boloňská omáčka s nízkokalorickými těstovinami

Fitness Recipe: Bolognese Sauce with Low-Calorie Pasta

Who wouldn’t love a classic bolognese pasta sauce, right? Today we have prepared a slightly different version for you, which stands out in several ways. The first significant change is that we have replaced minced meat with tempeh. Thanks to this, the bolognese sauce becomes a delicacy suitable for vegans as well. The second change was in terms of pasta. We also thought of those trying to lose weight. We have, therefore, replaced classic spaghetti with low-calorie pasta, which has only 7 calories per 100 grams. Thanks to this, you can indulge in a full plate of this delicacy even during weight loss.


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Prepare a frying pan and spray it with olive oil. Once it is heated, fry the sliced pieces of onion and garlic. Then add canned tomatoes and seasoning (salt, black pepper, basil, oregano) and let it all cook together for 5 minutes. In the meantime, take the tempeh, crush it and add it to the tomato sauce. Cook for a few more minutes.

Bolognese Sauce with Low-Calorie Pasta - Directions

In the meantime, take BIO Zero Fettuccine pasta, rinse it under warm water and cook in boiling water for about 3 minutes. Then drain it and add to the tomato mixture. Cook for 3 minutes so that all tastes combine. When done, serve it on a plate, and now you can enjoy this Italian homemade delicacy.

Our tip: If you are not vegan, you can add some flavour with Parmesan or other cheese.

Bolognese Sauce with Low-Calorie Pasta

Nutritional values

1 serving

Protein24 g
Cabrohydrates30 g
Fats10 g
Fibre16 g

Vegan cuisine is not just about vegetables. And this Italian delicacy is clear proof of that. Enjoy a full plate of this delicacy, which you can easily fit into your diet even when losing weight.

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