Fitness recept: Fazuľový brownie plný čokoládovej chuti

Fitness recipe: Bean brownie full of chocolate flavour

Fast, healthy, fit and full of chocolate flavour? Yes, this is also the latest recipe for red beans brownie! We guarantee that once you taste this dessert, you will prepare it on a regular basis. Moreover, you won’t even feel the beans in it! Let’s get ready to prepare it!


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First of all, remove the infusion from the beans and rinse it under running water. Then we put it in a mixer together with oat porridge, water, agave syrup, protein, cocoa, eggs, flavor drops and mix it all into a smooth dough. Meanwhile, we prepare the baking form (we used the bishop’s bread form) and spray it with coconut flavour. Then pour the prepared thick dough into it and bake for 30 minutes at 175 ℃. After baking, let the brownie cool down, tip it over and spread with proteinela, sprinkle with coconut, almond slices and garnish with fruit. Bon appetite!

Fitness recipe: Bean brownie full of chocolate flavour
Protein11 g
Carbohydrate17 g
Fat3 g

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