Online BMI Calculator

Online BMI Calculator

BMI or Body Mass Index, in the Body Mass Index, is one of the most well-known methods of measuring obesity. The result of BMI is a number that determines the possibility of health risk based on your body weight and height. The BMI formula is:

BMI = your body weight in kg / (height in m)2

How to use a BMI calculator?

Include your body weight, height and gender in the form. Our online BMI calculator then calculates your BMI quickly and easily.


Why is it good to know your BMI?

The BMI serves as a practical tool for most populations to detect malnutrition, healthy weight, overweight or obesity. This allows you to avoid possible health problems resulting from your weight. For standard BMI categories for adults, see the table below.

body weight
Health risk
below 18,5underweightmedium to high
18,5 – 24,9healthy weightlow
25,0 – 29,9overweightsecondary
30,0 or moreobesityhigh

However, BMI results are not quite accurate because they are generally valid data of an average person. BMI can be distorted for children, young people under 18, pregnant women, active athletes and the elderly.

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