8 tips how to workout when you do not have time

No excuses! With these 8 tips you will not miss a single workout no matter how busy you are.

If you read this article, very likely you belong to the group of people for whom it is really challenging to find time to workout. We understand. Work and family responsibilities can make a person to feel more frustrated and if you imagine to do workout after all this, then you feel bad. But this does not mean that you can not get in the shape.

Your goal should be only one and clear. To initiate more movements and then to gradually incorporate more intense exercises. Be aware that every movement of any kind is beneficial for your health. Read this to get inspired by these 8 strategies that will pump you every day, no matter how busy your life is.

8 tips how to workout when you do not have time

1. Silence before the storm

Mornings can be stumbling block. Many people have already found out that morning is the best time to exercise. Try to prepare a training plan and breakfast in advance in the evening before bedtime. In the morning wake up 30 minutes earlier than you wake up usually so you get at least 30 minutes for a quick morning workout. Until you have not tried it, you can not even imagine how it will energize you. You will handle work responsibilities easier, will be more productive and in some time you will realize that you have a cleaner mind.

2. Time for advertisements

You can not miss your favorite TV series? Instead of sitting on the couch and eating sticks, try to surround yourself with something healthy and tasty at the same time. Consider advertisements as your free time to exercise, whether with dumbbells or with your own weight. Every advertisement throughout the TV series is periodic so you can get up to 10- 15 minutes to exercise.

8 tips how to workout when you do not have time

3. Evening after the work

You spend the whole day at school, at work or chasing children? At the evening you probably struggle with the feeling if you can at do at least one squat. However, you can choose an exercise that will relax you. Maybe a treadmill, orbitrek, dumbbells or yoga could be the right for you.

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4. Pump together

Are you going to meet with your friends or family? Plan a trip to the nature, visit new places or simply go to park. You can combine this with some sports activity such as cycling, roller skating or family football match. In addition to burning some calories, you spend time with your loved ones.

5. High Intensity Interval Training HIIT

Whatever your fitness goals are, high intensity interval training HIIT is the best what you can do for your body. Choose an activity that satisfies you and do it for 10 – 12 seconds and then take a rest for 40-50 seconds. Repeat it ten times and with this alternation of warming up and subsequent cooling, you will burn a lot of calories and also keep your metabolism running.

8 tips how to workout when you do not have time

6. Circular training

Circular training is very similar to HIIT. You choose 5 to 10 strength exercises and do them without taking a rest. If you workout at home, use one-arm dumbbells or your own weight. There are countless of exercises that you can incorporate into your training plan and reduce or increase their intensity.

7. Escape at noon

Lunch break is quite underestimated, but if you have more time, go for a walk instead of caloric lunch. Be aware that such a small walk can excite you. When you return from a break, treat yourself with fresh vegetables and protein or protein bar. You can reduce your calorie consumption and burn some calories at the same time. In case you are hungry, always have a snack with you. This will help you not to overeat in the evenings when you come back home from work.

8. Weekend fighter

Use a weekend to catch up on the lost time you spent at work or sitting on boring seminars. During the weekend we all have a little bit more free time and energy, so we can also enjoy ourselves and our activities. Enjoy the perfect 60-minute workout, whether on a bike, skate, gym or doing aerobics. Intensive training during the weekend will help you to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. A 60-minute workout twice during the weekend and a 30-minute workout during the working week will ensure that you meet the recommended weekly workout dose. Simple, though?

If you have come up to this point, we assume that you have read the entire article. Congratulations! Now you know that the most common excuse to “I do not have time to workout” does not apply and there are alternatives when to workout. We understand that you are tired from work, school or household. However, what you need to realize is that exercise will energize you, gives you more energy and get rid of fatigue. Remember, if you give something, you get something back. And now let´s workout!