7 Nutritious Snacks You Can Always Keep at Your Elbow

It is obvious that you often get a chance to reach for various sweets and confectionaries which can serve as a snack to you. However, you should certainly try to avoid consuming quick snacks from food vending machines! Let’s face the truth – not only they are unhealthy, full of fats and carbohydrates, but they also contain lots of preservatives which often have a negative impact on human body (for example in form of allergic reactions).

That’s why in this article, we are offering to you several ideas for snacks thanks to which you will avoid unhealthy food consumption and feel full, satisfied and boosted with energy at the same time. Look at these 7 tips for quick noon snacks which will get you out of a desperate hunger and you can keep them at disposal even at work.

1. Almonds and Dates or Mix of Nuts

Mix of almonds and dates is a perfect refreshment you can store even in a drawer of your workplace desk. This combination fits perfectly together, and it will supply plenty of healthy fats, proteins into your body and thanks to dates also some carbs that will boost you with energy. Moreover, sweet taste of dates will scatter your sweet tooth. Even though almonds and dates have full nutritional values, they have also a bigger amount of calories (mainly dried dates). Therefore, we recommend not to eat a whole pack of them at once.

7 Nutritious Snacks You Can Always Keep at Your Elbow

2. Oatmeal with Nuts or Protein

Oatmeal has a high amount of fiber and it is suitable mainly for breakfast, but it can be consumed also as a refreshment or a snack. That is because it will saturate you until dinner. If you would like to take more proteins and make it taste better, try adding protein powder into it. But if you want to contribute to your heart’s health, mix it with a pinch of cinnamon and few walnuts. Nuts contain healthy fats and omega fat acids which have a positive impact on cholesterol and your hearth. On the other side, cinnamon has anti-inflammatory qualities and it is also appropriate to consume when you are on a diet.

7 Nutritious Snacks You Can Always Keep at Your Elbow

3. Canned Tuna

It definitely won’t hurt if you secure yourself at work and prepare for any potential feeling of hunger. Canned tuna will serve this purpose just fine. Tuna contains omega-3 fatty acids and you can also upgrade it by consuming it with rice bread and a bit of lemon juice. One can of tuna contains up to 30 g of proteins. In spite of these benefits, you should consume it in moderation to minimize the intake of mercury contained in tuna. However, you can also reach after skipjack tuna that contains much less mercury.

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4. Hummus with Vegetable

Even though your fresh vegetable gets spoilt much faster, what our mothers have been telling us all the time is the truth. It is the best and the healthiest food you can consume during whole day.

The most ideal is a triple combination of broccoli, carrot and cauliflower. By the way, vegetarians love it! And the reason is that it saturates you well and it contains the minimum of calories. It goes perfectly with hummus which can be prepared easily – just liquidize chick pea or peas. Let this mixture stand for several hours in water and then season it with lemon juice or garlic. It is an unmistakable combination of flavours that will provide you with great nutrients.

5. Figs and High Percentage Cocoa Chocolate

Do you have a really bad sweet tooth for something sugary? Consuming figs and chocolate with high percentage of cocoa is your free pass to enjoy something sweet without remorse. Figs contain iron, loads of fiber, potassium and they are known for their anti-inflammatory effects. Regarding chocolate, there is a rule: the more %, the better. We recommend chocolate with 70% and more of cocoa.

7 Nutritious Snacks You Can Always Keep at Your Elbow

6. Berry Fruit with Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or currants? That is simply the classic combination. You can improve it with by adding cocoa to it which will give you a dose of antioxidants and it will make you feel full without any added calories. Greek yoghurt is a protein bomb – it contains plenty of proteins that can be easily consumed by body and the body will take from it everything it needs at the same time. If it is not currently a berry fruit season, you can add figs into the yoghurt. However, the best are raspberries that contain more fiber than any other berry fruit.

7 Nutritious Snacks You Can Always Keep at Your Elbow

7. Refreshing Smoothies

This tip may seem a bit far-fetched to you, but you should definitely try it! A healthy fruit or veggie smoothie is a fantastic refreshment for your body. You can also sprinkle a bit of Maca powder into it – it will improve your concentration and boost your level of energy. It is quite possible that you won’t pull out a blender magically from your workplace desk drawer, but we have thought of that, too. You can prepare your smoothie at home and then bring it to work with you. In such case, it is also suitable as the afternoon snack.

7 Nutritious Snacks You Can Always Keep at Your Elbow

These tucks are easy to prepare, they have amazing nutritional values and they contain nutrients that can help you cope with stressful situations and get you through a tough day at work. We hope that we inspired you at least a little bit and you will scatter away your starvation at work by simply opening your desk drawer. Share with us your tips for refreshments and snacks in the comments below. And of course, we will be very thankful if you support this article by sharing.