Fish is a source of omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy fats, which is why they should be a regular part of a healthy diet, ideally several times a week. If you’re looking to make a quick and balanced meal using fish, grab some canned tuna or sardines in brine. These products are ready to be eaten straight off the tin. Simply add your favourite vegetables and carbs, and your lunch is good to go. In case you’re looking to prep a snack for later, try making a spread with any choice of tinned fish. Not only will you treat yourself to a wonderful delicacy, your snack will also be rich in protein, which is a welcome benefit for every strength athlete. Simply add some bread and veggies and enjoy.

Naturally, using fresh salmon, carp, trout, cod and other fish fillets in your kitchen opens up endless possibilities for cooking delicious main courses, whether on a plate with a side dish, or in a sauce or a poke bowl. And if you were cooking with whole fish, certainly don’t throw your cuttings out. They will make for a brilliant base for a delicious fish soup that will surely grace any dinner table – whether it’s for a traditional Christmas dinner or on any other night of the year.

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Fitness Recipe: Fish and Chips

Do you want to enjoy this British classic dish at home and at the same time prepare it in a slightly healthier way? If that’s the case, you must try today’s recipe for the oven-baked version of fish and chips.

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Fitness Recipe: Salad Nicoise

Nicoise belongs among the delicious salads that satiate. It contains complex carbohydrates, protein and, of course, lots of vegetables. All you need to do is add olives and honey-mustard sauce to create the perfect dish.  

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