Recipe for traditional Horalky in fitness version with peanut butter

Who would not like Horalky? We have prepared this traditional sweet treat for you in the fitness version. Our mini Horalky are delicious as original but contain less calories and more protein. In addition, you only need 4 ingredients to prepare this wafer bar. Try it too! But beware, its taste causes a sweet addiction!


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Coat two wafers with peanut butter, using approximately 50 g of peanut butter per wafer. Melt chocolate in a water bath along with 10 g peanut butter. Mix the peanuts into powder and add them to the melted chocolate. Spread the prepared chocolate mixture on a third wafer. Then we put all the wafers on top of each other, first the peanut waffle, then the chocolate and again the peanut waffle. Place the fourth wafer without icing on top.

Now, we put a heavy load on Horalky prepared this way, for example, we can use thick books. Then put them in the refrigerator to solidify. After a few hours, remove them from the refrigerator and cut into 22 mini bars. Coat the edges in melted chocolate with a small amount of coconut oil and put in the refrigerator again. Bon appetite!

Recipe for traditional Horalky in fitness version with peanut butter
Nutritional valueper 1 pc of mini Horalka
Protein3 g
Carbohydrates6 g
Fat6 g

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