Michelle Lewin – Training plan, diet and interview

Michelle Lewin – Training plan, diet and interview

In record time, Michelle Lewin changed from a modeling girl working at a local clinic in Venezuela to one of the biggest stars in the fitness industry. Her fans on social networks have spread from southern Florida to the whole world. Whether she’s in Miami, Cairo or Moscow, Michelle is still considered world’s fitness miss with an incredible increase in social media fans every day. Since she’s basically everything from fitness model through bodybuilder to bikini fitness, Michelle is recognized among every group of fans. After emigrating to America in 2010, she became a Latin American princess of the fitness scene. Her slim figure has been placed on over 30 magazine headlines such as Sport & Fitness, Her Muscle & Fitness and Iron Man.

Height: 164 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Nationality: Venezuelan
Place of birth: Maracay, Venezuela
Date of birth: 25. Február, 1986
Residence: Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Athletic statistics

Bust: 92cm
Waist: 64cm
Hips: 92cm

The most important accomplishments:

• 2013 NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup – 1st place
• 2013 NPC Southern States – 2nd place

On her social media, she often uses the nickname “La Cuerpa” which means “body” in Spanish. 

After following Michelle on her social media, you’ll find that her nickname is well-deserved. Looking at her photos, you’ll find out what Venezuelan beauty means. Her belly and bottom are often subject to international envy and conversation. 

Maybe you’re already one of her 8 million fans on Facebook and Instagram. As a worldwide known person and as a woman, Michelle symbolizes many things: she is a fitness diva, sex symbol, successful woman and training guru.

On social media, Michelle is determined to show the world how to go in her footsteps. In order to reach and motivate others, she determines how modern fitness icons should behave.

She constantly updates her fans with tips and techniques from her own trainings, but above all, motivates them. For fans, Michelle is a personal trainer who teaches them through her videos and photos. Despite all the attention she receives every day, Michelle is a humble person. She is honest about her body, progress and history. By the way, her implants are the reason why she doesn’t exercise the chest frequently. [1]

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Michelle Lewin and her training plan

When, after a few months of training, Michelle discovered that she was naturally endowed with a nice bottom, she began to train her legs even more frequently. The disadvantage of her butt and leg trainings was that her upper body was too slim. Today, she no longer uses heavy weights for her leg and butt trainings, but tries to keep up with a higher number of repetitions. Therefore, she is now a supporter of whole-body training. [2]

Michelle is keen on shaping and toning muscles with weights; biceps curl is one of her favorite exercises. She trains 5 times a week and loves to observe her progress. Her training looks like this:


Back and Biceps

• Pull-ups (wide grip) 4×12
• Pull-ups (normal grip) 4×10
• Low Pulley Rows 4×12
• T-bar Row 4×12
• Dumbbell Bicep Curl 4×16
• EZ bar Bicep Curl 4×12
• Low Pulley Bicep Curl 4×12


Hamstrings and Calves

• Lying Leg Curls 4×12
• Seated Leg Curls 4×12
• Deadlift 4×10-15
• Seated calf raise 8×20
• Standing calf raise 6×20 [2]


Triceps and Shoulders

• Dumbbell Tricep Extension 6×12
• EZ bar French Press 4×12
• Overhead Cable Tricep Extension 4×12
• Barbell Seated Press 4×10
• Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3×10
• EZ bar Front Raises 4×12
• Dumbbell Flyes 4×10


Free day



• Lunges 4×12
• Barbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift 6×20
• Single leg Leg Press (each leg)
• Squats 4×12



• Hanging Crunches
• Core Short Crunches 4×20
• Short Crunches on Machine 4×12
• Short Crunches on fitball 4×20


Free Day [2]

Michelle Lewin – Training plan, diet and interview

Michelle’s daily diet usually consists of 5 to 6 nutrient-rich meals. “I am often hungry and therefore I am more comfortable with more meals that supply me with energy during the day.” She tries to maintain a moderate calorie deficit (she burns more calories than receives during the day) without neglecting the needs of her body. Her favorite foods are unsurprisingly very healthy i.e. an egg white, flakes, protein drink, unsweetened almond milk. Here’s a sample of Michelle’s diet:


6 egg whites, oatmeal with almonds and strawberries


Grilled chicken breasts with roasted sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli with olive oil.


Pork chops with salad


Grilled salmon with brown rice and steamed asparagus.

Before sleep:

Casein protein drink [3] 

You may notice that her diet contains a mixture of complex carbohydrates (sweet potatoes, oatmeal, rice and vegetables). Michelle uses high-protein meats such as chicken breast, ham and grilled salmon for better recovery after training. She also consumes healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids from foods such as salmon and olive oil. These fat-rich foods reduce the levels of unhealthy cholesterol, promote healthy skin and enhance her immune system. [3] 

 “Bodybuilding is about nutrition. Previously, my diet was wrong and workouts were much harder than today. My body began to change drastically as I started to eat healthier foods and exercise less.” [3] 

Life story

Michelle Lewin, whom we know today, was once a very poor and slim girl growing up in Maracay City, Venezuela. When her stepfather left her and her mother, they were left with nothing to do and were forced to move to a smaller apartment with more cockroaches than food. Michelle remembers how she grew up – she worked with her mom to help them survive and even received food from her neighbors who often gave it to her. Once, she only weighed 38kg! [1]

She remembers this period very well. When she looks in the mirror, she still sees herself as a poor girl with no breasts or butt. Everything has changed on one fateful day when she went to the local gym with her mother for the first time when she was 17 years old. The feeling of success and pride captivated her and she became addicted to fitness. For the next 7 years, Michelle has been exercising only legs. Like many other beginners, she quickly discovered that an unbalanced training routine is a way to create an asymmetric body.

After a meeting of bodybuilder Jimmy Lewin in 2008, a new phase in her life began. With the leadership of her new personal trainer and life partner, Michelle began building her upper body to the idealized figure we know today. In 2010, Jimmy and Michelle got married. Jimmy remains her personal trainer, agent, social media manager and best friend to date. It was her husband who encouraged her the most to do fitness modeling and bikini competitions. [1]

After traveling around the whole world, Michelle settled in Miami where she lives today. Though she was in last place at her first competition, she fell in love with fitness even more and gradually began to gain more muscle than ever before. Years of discipline finally paid off and Michelle won first place at NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup.

Recently, Michelle has placed more emphasis on approach to building and maintaining her figure. She starts her morning with a 45-minute cardio, leaving the weights-based training for the evening. Overall, her training is aimed to improve the ratio of muscle to fat in the body.

Michelle is no longer trying to become a fitness model, but a role model for other women who want to achieve their perfect figure. From the unlikely beginning of her career, she managed to build a body and a life she loves. [1]

Michelle Lewin – Interview

Do you consider yourself sexy?

“You may not believe me, but I don’t like to look at myself in the photos. I learned to pose and express myself through photos in order to sell them. I know what my fans are asking for. Maybe that’s what keeps me on my feet.”

Do men like it when you train hard?

“I know they love it. Women who train have the most beautiful figures and emit energy. Such women would enjoy a gym bag more than a handbag. Men consider us the ideal girls of their dreams.”

Are the guys hitting on you during your trainings?

“Sure. It’s getting uncomfortable when a shirtless man stands beside me and brags with his muscles. There are occasions when they try to attract attention with a loud scream and when I don’t respond, they scream even louder just to make me notice them .” [4]

What does one day look like in your life?

“My day includes two workouts: morning cardio and exercise in the evening. My workout is the only thing that is constant from day to day. My life is full of meetings, photoshootings, training videos and travelling.”

Your advice to girls who want to get into the fitness industry?

“Don’t try to be like someone else. Do what is natural to you. Those who repeat others do not usually reach the top. I suggest you find a person to help you as a manager. You can’t do it by yourself. There are too many traps in this business.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“I hope I’ll be relaxing, financially independent, in a beach house with my two five-year-old twins and that I’ll be happy to be part of changing the female ideal around the world from unhealthy slim figures to healthy and fit ones by teaching and inspiring them through my photos and videos.” [5]

Michelle is very active on social media. She often shares her diet, workouts and modeling photos with fans on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Follow her journey through life and get inspired.

Instagram: michelle_lewin

Twitter: @michelle_lewin

Facebook: FitnessMichelle

Web page: http://michellelewin.com/ [3]

Would you like to learn more about this fitness diva? We recommend a 15-minute documentary about Michelle.

Did Michelle inspire you? Tell us what you think about her and her training plan and diet. If you liked this article, support it by sharing.


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