Lauren Simpson – training plan, diet and interview

Lauren Simpson – training plan, diet and interview

Lauren is fitness model and bikini racer who comes from Australia. Definitely you have seen her photos which are many of them on the internet.

She lives very active lifestyle all her life and already in her early childhood she played representative sports such as foot volley and football. She used to be underweight, did not live healthy and wasted time by many hours of cardio workouts and not right diet. At that time she was uneducated about nutrition and did not understand the importance of food or how she could help herself with them. She pushed her body to the limits of her ability with minimal food intake. Lauren took “fitness madness” to an unhealthy extreme. At that time she had very distorted view at her body and food. [1]

“My journey is different from classic weight loss stories. I am not someone who was overweight. I experienced the opposite extreme. I was slim, exhausted and obsessed with my look. At the end, my health paid for it. My transformation was from slim unhealthy girl to strong and confident woman full of life.[1]

Year of birth: 1990

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Origin: Sydney, Australia

Her love for fitness led her to competition stage INBA Sydney Super Bodies and INBA Southern Cross Championships where she won the first place.

“My own transformation which lasted 18 months and cost me a lot of hard work. My main goal was to be someone in fitness industry, someone who is able to change lives around the world. I want to succeed and allow all of you to do the same. Show you that also you can do whatever you wish, reach whatever you want. If you will work, trust the process and be consistent, you will see the results. I want to encourage you to have open mindset, set new limits and break these new boundaries and lift weights! You can succeed. You will.

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Lauren Simpson and her diet plan

Food 1: Beef rump steak, walnuts, spinach and blueberries

Food 2: Turkey breast, macadamia nuts, mushrooms and mix of green vegetables

Food 3: Perch, avocado and mix of green vegetables

Food 4: (before training): Chicken breast and white rice

Food 5: (after training): Protein drink with fruit

Food 6: Turkey breast and sweet potatoes.

According to Lauren, at the certain time the human body has bigger need for certain nutrients. Overall we can say that she divides her macro nutrients into 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrates. She usually consumes carbohydrates before and after training.

Her food before training consists of high-quality protein source, complex carbohydrates and she consumes it approximately 60 up to 90 minutes before training. She chose white rice for its quick absorption. “During the training I use quite a lot of weights so enough power supplies ensure that I achieve my maximal performance.” [2]

Immediately after the training she takes protein drink. “Intake of protein within 30 minutes after training starts process of muscle regeneration, replenish level of glycogen in the muscles, lower the muscle fewer and supports muscle fiber repair that means muscle growth. I found out that for me personally whey isolate is the best and the fastest absorbing kind of protein.

Even after the training I take more carbohydrates with high-quality protein source. Usually I use brown rice in this meal because of the higher content of dietary fiber that gives my body a feeling that it is full for longer time. [2]

“I eat healthy and varied food, I train hard in the gym but I do not forget about the important role of the rest and life balance.”[1]

4 reasons why women should train with weights according to Lauren

Lauren supports women to train with weights and do not associate workout with weights with masculinity. Women do not have to worry about the same muscle enlargement than men.

1. Weight loss: The body burns calories during and after weight training. More muscle mass burns more calories. By gradually increasing muscle mass, we burn more calories, even if we do not train.

2. Body shaping

3. Power: overcoming your own power is incredibly motivating!

4. Health benefits: training with weights is great for building stronger bones, helps with fighting osteoporosis and alleviates joint pain. [3]

Lauren advices how to maintain health and be fit during traveling

Traveling is another Lauren´s passion, she goes regularly on trips abroad. The fact that you take free days to travel does not mean that you take break from your healthy lifestyle. 

6 diet tips during the vacation from Lauren:

1,  Pack few snacks to your hand luggage to eat before, during and after arrival. I usually pack package of nuts, protein bars, fruit, for example apple or banana and oat flakes which I just need to pour with boiling water.

2, Do not be spoiled in every meal – it is about balance. Do not miss French pastries or Italian pizza but watch the size of portions. Eat healthy and light meals such as salad or meat with vegetables during the day if you plan to eat a dessert at night. Use 80/20 rule. 80% is healthy and the rest 20% is any food. [4]

3, Do not drink all the calories – cocktails taste amazing but they are full of sugar! Take a cocktail, but if possible take less carolically drinks like water, soda, fresh lime juice or wine.

4, It is very likely that you will eat outside, in various buffets or restaurants so try to choose the healthiest possibilities which are offered. Most of the restaurants will prepare you grilled meat with vegetables or salad. Ask for proteins in grilled or stewed form like grilled or stewed vegetables.

5, In grocery shop buy healthy snacks like fruit, nuts or muesli bars you can later pack to the backpack and leave for later.

6, In hotel buffets for breakfast chose something healthy like eggs or oat flakes instead of bread or sweet cereals. [4]

On the website Lauren advices to do HIIT training of the whole body at least 2-3 times per week during the vacation.

This is how high intensive training during her vacation looks like:

• 30 push-ups 

• 30 jumps from squat

• 30 mountain climbers

• 30 jumping jacks

• 30 cutters

• 30 lunge jumps

• 20 bur-pees

• 1 min. plank

• Rest for 2 minutes after each series. Repeat 4 times.

Do not forget, any training is better than no training! [4]

Lauren Simpson and her preparation for competition 

She started to prepare for her first competition only 9 weeks before going to the stage. She needed to gain more muscles for this competition. So she started to eat much more carbohydrates than she was used to (high carbohydrate diet), she stopped doing cardio and she focused on training with weights. Her body began to change and her curves began getting bigger. Two weeks before the competition, she began to reduce amount of carbohydrates and add circle training focused on power as form of cardio.

“I personally consider myself as quite shy person so performance on the stage was big problem for me. But after a year of thinking … to compete or not … I decided that it was time to try it on my skin.

Her typical day before competition looked like this:

6:30 – Alarm clock, coffee or drink before training and right after that move to the gym. Drink After training immediately after training.

8:00 – Breakfast – typically proteins and carbohydrates

11:00 – Food No.1 – food with high content of fat

14:00 – Food No.2 – food with high content of fat

17:00 – Food before training – proteins and carbohydrates

18:00 – Second training – Drink After training immediately after training.

19:30 – Food after training – high content of carbohydrates

22:00 – Preparation and cooking for the next day

The last week was the hardest part of the preparation for Lauren because she used most of the carbohydrates from her body and did two-phase training. Training with weights in the morning and cardio in the evening.

Lauren Simpson – interview

Why and when you started to train with weights and healthy lifestyle?

“I live very active lifestyle since I remember. In my youth I used to be engaged in sports such as athletics, foot valley and competitively touch football (American football version). My family is very sporty what is why I got involved in team sports during the whole year. In gym I have been training for about 4 years but only 2 years ago fitness and healthy lifestyle became my passion. I decided to spend more time to gain strength and shape my figure.

What would you suggest to women beginners or to those who are trying to get in shape?

“Do not expect that changes will happen in one night. Your body needs time for the change. Most of the people give up their dreams during the first two weeks of training and healthy eating because they do not see the expected results. To get body in the right form is a process that requires time, patience, and determination. Be happy from small goals and achievements which you made while working to gain your ultimate goal.”

Favorite experience from competition

“I had very positive feelings when I found out what everything I could achieve if I focus my mind on my goal. No matter how I ended up in the eyes of the judges, I was really happy and proud from achieving my personal goal. Probably the best experience from the competition are the people you meet before going to the stage. I made friends with many people who are as determined to follow their dreams as I am. I was very fortunate that one of my best friends competed in the same competition so we supported each other.” [5]

What motivates you to train?

“There are fitness models that I admire such as Paige Hathaway and Michelle Lewin, but my main source of motivation comes from inside. Every morning after the alarm rings, I think I could stay in bed, but it will not get me anywhere! I have goals and dreams that I need to fulfill. I am also motivated and inspired by nice people on social networks that support me and are interested in what I do during the day.” [6]

Your favorite good?

“Usually my diet is very simple but I love healthy Mexican bowl that I prepare by myself. 

For its preparation you need: minced turkey meat, spinach, brown rice, corn, avocado, jalapeno peppers, lime juice, coriander and spicy sauce (or Mexican pepper).”

How do your diet and supplementation look like?

“My diet consists of a balance of proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Eating clean, healthy foods is a way I can keep and it is the reason why I am able to stay in relatively good shape throughout the year. I count macro nutrients and calories to has reached my daily income.”

I use nutritional supplements every day, the most common are fat burners, BCAA, Glutamine a Protein.

Do you like to listen to music during training?

“Yes! I can not even imagine what I would do without my headphones. I listen to every kind of music: Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Diplo, Hardwell, Justin Bieber.” [6]

How does your training plan look like?

“My workout is divided into 3 upper body workouts, 3 lower body workouts and one whole body workout. I am currently doing more exercises such as squats, dead lift and bench press. Since I use these exercises to get more strength, most of my series have a lower (3-6) repetitions and for isolated exercises it is about 10-12 repetitions. Instead of cardio in the gym, I prefer during the summer to go for a walk for 1-2 hours every week. I try to save my body with cardio so then I could use it at the right time.”

Your favorite fitness model?

“Paige Hathaway!”

Have you met with negative opinion in social media?

“I do not often meet with negative opinions and comments from people so far. If I notice any negative ones, then I delete it from the comments. I will not be offended by such messages, so I do not take them personally. Some people are simply unhappy with their own lives, so they try to toss others.”

What helped you the most to achieve your goals?

“I think the key to achieve my results was faith in myself and strenuousness. It is true that doubt about yourself is the greatest killer of dreams. Each of us has the potential to achieve our goals. Along the way we encounter challenges and obstacles that test our self-confidence and enthusiasm. I did not trust myself and I was quite shy. Every day I get out of my comfort zone.” [6]

What do you think about Lauren Simpson and her change to healthier lifestyle or diet? Did she inspire you? If you like the article and you think it can motivate your friends, share it. 


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