Jen Selter showed the training for a perfect buttocks

Jen Selter, also called “Booty Queen”, has probably the most popular butt in the world thanks to her “belfies” (butt selfies). Daily, she receives hundreds of e-mails and messages full of admire (sure many other ones, too) in which the most frequent question is the one how you achieved such booty. However, Jen is not hiding anything, and she likes to help, support and admit openly what exercises led to her success.

Before you head to the gym with a goal to follow these exercises and do anything you can to form your dream booty, Jen recommends you to understand several basic principles:

a) Contract your ischial muscles during whole workout and remain in the most difficult position for several seconds.

b) You can use weights whenever you want – dumbbells, ankle weights, anything. It will burn more and you will gain more muscles. (however, it is recommended mainly to advanced fitness divas)

c) Make sure to keep your workouts challenging and make some variations to them.

During her workouts, Jen is mainly focused on her upper parts of legs, then on booty of course, but also on her core and abs. She includes exercises that shape, slim and at the same time prevent her from becoming bulky. Before she starts working out, she doesn’t forget to warm-up and sweat for about 10 minutes on a stepper. This activates the ischial muscles and increases the heartbeat frequency. Then, she moves to the training room and after finishing her workout, she does cardio for another 20-30 minutes.

Jen Selter showed us her perfect booty workout

Surely you know that your body gets used to an exercise you do for a longer period of time, so Jen likes to combine steep walking with walking backwards on a treadmill. In such case, she must try hard to keep her balance and engage muscles which are normally not used during a regular walk. Of course, if you try this, be very careful!

“I like to use a treadmill at 3,5 miles per hour speed in a steep rise. It is quite dangerous, so I walk slowly and I really enjoy muscle burning.”

Jen Selter showed us her perfect booty workout

Jen Selter and Her Training Plan

If you follow her exercises, you will definitely turn many heads and open many jaws.

Jen Selter showed us her perfect booty workout

1. Donkey Kick

“It is one of my top favourite exercises and a great way how to start a booty workout at the same time,” says Jen.

• Star on all fours with your hands placed in a width of your shoulders and your knees placed in a width of your hips.

• Keep your right feet fixed and your leg bent, then lift your leg and push your feet to the ceiling until your leg is above you butt.

• Get back to the starting position.

• Do 15 reps before you switch legs and you will definitely feel it!

It is important to keep your butt compressed on the top of the movement and make sure your leg goes down slowly, so you can feel the burn.

2. Fire Hydrant

Jen usually does this exercise as the second one to hit her ischial muscles from another angle. You will feel it yourself during the exercise.

• Start on your fours with your hands placed in a width of your shoulders and knees placed in a width of your hips. Keep the working leg bent in knee and make sure your foot is fixed.

• Now, lift your right leg to the side until your inner thigh is in line with the floor.

• Squeeze your ischial muscles on the top of movement and make sure you are compressing also your abdominal muscles. When returning to the starting position, keep your knee above the floor to sustain the tension in your working muscles.

Switch legs after 15 reps.

Jen Selter showed us her perfect booty workout

3. Chair Kick

Of course, you will need a stable chair. Jen recommends a bit higher one.

• Stand with your legs together and hold the back of the chair for a better balance. Lean slightly forwards and lift your right leg directly behind you. Keep your knee straight, but don’t clench it. Compress your butt and focus on keeping your hips straight, without twisting them. This will also concentrate your attention to your target area.

• Lift your leg as high as you can, then put it back to the starting position.

• Do 10 reps and then switch legs. 

Jen Selter showed us her perfect booty workout

4. Squat Pulse

Now, your ischial muscles will burn like crazy! Thanks to this squat, you will get to a brand new level, but the reward is worth it!

• Stand with your legs stretched a bit wider than is the width of your shoulders, with your fingers pointing slightly outwards and stretch your hands right in front of you.

• Do a squat and keep your shoulders in line with fingers, hold your core firm and your back straight. At the bottom of the movement, keep your thighs in line with the floor – this is the time when you start “pulsating”.

• Go up and down, but not more than 15 cm, and repeat this move for 10 to 15 times.

• Do three sets for 10-15 reps and you will definitely see some impressive progress on your bum.

The trick is to retain is the squat position until the end, what is not that easy at all. Try not to stand up until the end.

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Jen Selter showed us her perfect booty workout

5. Kick Squat

• Stand straight with your legs placed a bit wider than is the width of your hips and point your fingers slightly outwards.

• Keep your arms stretched in front of you and slowly go down to a deep squat.

• Get back to the starting position and smoothly continue by lifting one leg directly to the side as high as you can.

• Repeat it 10 times, then switch legs and do three sets.

Jen Selter showed us her perfect booty workout

6. Squat Dip

Find yourself a chair or a bench and bring also your dumbbells.

• Place a straight bench vertically.

• Put one foot on the bench and keep the other one firmly on the ground.

• Both legs should be stretched at the beginning. Then bent them and move downwards and if you wanted to make a squat.

• Do 10 reps and then switch legs.

Jen tends to alternate these exercises and add some squats with weights, especially with dumbbells. She recommends three sets for 15 reps with weight 6-9kg, according to your possibilities. Among squats, she does also wall squats with an exercise ball, either three sets for 20 reps or four sets for 15 reps. It would also be a pity not to use the Leg Press. It shapes not only your butt, but also your calves and upper part of your thighs. Jen does three sets for 12 reps with 45kg weight.

Jen Selter showed us her perfect booty workout

As Jen Selter says: “Don’t forget, it is not about how bad you want something, but how hard you are willing to work for it.” So lift your ass and get down to it! Surely, you want to be able to enjoy summer and feel amazing both from the inside and outside.

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