Fitness recipe: Vegan protein balls from superfoods

If you love quick and easy recipes for desserts, in addition in a vegan version, we will definitely please you now. Let’s prepare with us protein balls from black beans, which will win you over with their fine consistency and peanut taste. Wrap them in a delicious coconut or a healthy mixture of superfoods and there is only one thing left – enjoying the taste!


  • 350 g boiled black beans
  • 120 g Bio Vegan protein with chocolate and berry flavor
  • 120 g peanut butter
  • 100 ml water
  • 10 g cocoa

Wrap ingredients:

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To start, boil the black beans until soft and then drain. Put the beans in a bowl, add the prepared water and mix together. Then add protein, peanut butter, cocoa to the mixture and mix thoroughly until a uniform solid mass is formed. After that, moisten your hands with water and form 20 identical balls from the mixture. Finally, wrap half of them in a mixture of superfoods and the other in coconut. Serve and enjoy!

Fitness recipe: Vegan protein balls from superfoods
Nutritional values1 ball (20 balls in total)
6 g
4 g
3 g

We believe that you will not be able to resist this great and undemanding recipe for protein beans from black beans, and you will try it as well. If you like the recipe, do not hesitate and share it with friends in order to inspire them.