Recept - Proteínové pizza slimáky so šunkou a kukuricou

Fitness Recipe: Protein Pizza Snails with Ham & Corn

Are you looking for a quick savoury snack recipe for Friday film evening or unexpected guests? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today we would like to share our recipe for pizza snails with ham and corn made of our protein pizza mix ready in a couple of minutes! They taste exceptional, are easy to prepare and are low in fat! Let’s quickly prepare them together!


Ingredients for Pizza Snails

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Mix 150 g of protein pizza powder with 200 ml of water. Create a dough and let it rest for a while. Line the baking sheet with baking paper and spray it with oil. Put the mixture on a baking sheet and shape it into a rectangle with a spoon. Bake the pizza dough at 250 ˚C for 8 minutes. Then let the pizza cool down a bit, smear it with tomato purée, add ham, corn and roll it up. Cut into 8 pieces and let the pizza snails bake for 2 – 4 more minutes. Finally, sprinkle with cheese and serve. Yummy!

Fitness Recipe: Protein Pizza Snails with Ham & Corn
Nutritional values1 piece (8 pieces in total)
Protein12 g
Carbohydrates12 g
Fat1,8 g
Fibre0,7 g

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