Fitness recept: Krémová čokoládová pěna s ovocem a ořechy

Fitness Recipe: Creamy Chocolate Mousse with Fruit and Nuts

A creamy chocolate mousse will melt on your tongue. Would you fancy trying it? If so, come to prepare today’s recipe. You won’t need many ingredients, yet the result will exceed your expectations. When you taste it, you wouldn’t be able to tell that the dessert base consists of sweet potatoes. They add sweetness and a whole lot of fibre. In addition, they also create a perfectly creamy consistency. This dessert is just guaranteed to please all chocolate lovers.


Ingredients for the decoration:

Creamy Chocolate Mousse with Fruit and Nuts - Ingredients

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First, start preparing sweet potatoes. Peel, cut into smaller pieces and boil in water until soft. Once you’re done, strain the water and put the sweet potatoes in the blender. Mix until they have a completely smooth consistency.

Next, prepare a water bath. Take a larger pot, pour hot water into it and cook on the stove. Then put an empty pot in it and add the dark chocolate broken into smaller pieces and let it melt. Once it has a liquid consistency, add it to the sweet potatoes and mix it with a whisk. You can use a blender to make it easier. Finally, add ZERO chocolate syrup and protein and mix again.

Creamy Chocolate Mousse with Fruit and Nuts - Directions

If the consistency seems too thick, you can add a little water, milk, cream or coconut milk. You should get a soft cream with a fluffy texture.

Finally, prepare 4 cups and fill them with the cream. To make the dessert pleasing to the eye, you can decorate with nuts, fruit or anything you like.

Creamy Chocolate Mousse with Fruit and Nuts

Nutritional values

1 serving without the decoration (4 servings in total)

Protein10 g
Cabrohydrates27 g
Fats11 g
Fibre7 g

Are you a chocoholic? Then this recipe is perfect for you. And for even greater cocoa pleasure, you can decorate the whole dessert with a few squares of chocolate.

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