Can you eat the same food every day?

Have you ever wondered if you can eat the same food every day? There are other questionnaires on this question, but perhaps the most important are whether the body gets enough needed nutrients and whether it can be sustained at all.

Right from the start we want to ensure you that if you like chicken breasts that much, you do not have to worry. Changing the foods may not be as important as you might think. Quite the contrary. Changing only a few meals during the week also has its advantages. Of course only when the diet is varied. So how is it?

There are two groups of the people, those who can not repeatedly consume a particular food and those who “slowly and quitly die” with every bite of the food which does not float on their dietary wave. However, the truth is that most people prefer to eat the foods they have already get used to. Therefore, they will consume the same proteins, carbohydrates and fats rather than to try varied diet.

Can you eat the same food every day?

Can we really eat the same food?

“The answer is surprising, but yes. I usually eat about 75-95% of the same foods every day. The regularity in eating habits can be healthy. First of all, it is difficult to buy, store and prepare different meals every day., says Brian St. Pierre, R.D. fitness and healthy nutrition coach. “It has many benefits and advantages if you decide to prepare your favorite healthy food that you can take anywhere with you and build a habit.”

One of such advantages is that you minimize number of decisions about food you prepare on that day. According to several studies, successful people like Steve Jobs always eat the same food for the breakfast to save the time and do not have to decide also about this issues.

“We, the people, tend to think too much about the nutritional values of the food. I work with many clients and found that if they can automate some of these decisions and build a little routine, they will much easier build healthy habits and it is easier for them to to make the right decisions about healthy diet.” says St. Pierre.

It has also its disadvantages

As he said, for some people it is very likely that eating the same foods every day will cause digestion and bloating problems or headaches. “But this only affects a small part of the population”, says St. Pierre.

The key to avoid nutritional deficiencies is not constantly changing the foods, meat, rice and vegetables or drinking protein drink three times a day, warns St. Pierre. “But when you look good, you feel good and everything works as it should, I do not see the problem of having your favorite turkey sandwich again”

Can you eat the same food every day?

If you would like to minimize the number of decisions about food and keep least changing eating routine as long as possible, St. Pierre advices how to do that:

1. Add “go-to” breakfast and lunch into your diet

“Generally, I recommend clients to alternate 2-3 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then they can vary and alternate their dinner because people tend to cook more diverse in the evening.”

 Add "go-to" breakfast and lunch into your diet

2. Change your side dish and snack

If you like to eat eggs for breakfast, all you have to do is to change the vegetables you add to the omelet. For example, use mushrooms and peppers on one day, tomatoes and spinach on the next day and so on. In terms of nutritional values, even small things can make big differences.

Alternate the types of fruits or nuts you eat as your snacks. Alternate also butters, peanut with almond or cashew. You will also not do anything bad if you eat one apple each day. “For example, I eat apple of the Gala variety for each lunch. It is a part of my eating routine,”says St. Pierre.

3. Be creative with spices

If you prepare meat for lunch every day, keep doing that. Feel free to consume chicken or turkey breasts, but do not fall into the stereotype. You can get rid of monotony by changing your healthy fat sources, olive oil and pesto. Unleash the imagination even at the spices and boldly try something new, the meat may taste quite different.

What group of people do you belong to? Do you like variety or you are stick to your habits? Share your opinion in the comments. If you like the article, share it.