Alexandra Bring: How Did a Fitness Model Become a Successful Mom Blogger?

Alexandra Bring: How Did a Fitness Model Become a Successful Mom Blogger?

At present, her social networks are full of lifestyle content. This was not always the case. Did you know that Alexandra Bring was also one of the successful fitness models?

This beautiful woman was born on March 26, 1990 in Sweden. However, she started to get public attention no earlier than in 2012 and it was in connection with her transformation. A year before this, she had decided to change her life. The skinny party girl, who normally spent weekends snacking and drinking alcohol, slowly turned into a muscular fitness model, whose main passion is a healthy diet and strength training. However, the whole change did not happen in one day, it was a systematic and long-term work, which was not always easy, as confirmed by Alexandra herself.

“In a world where we look at beautiful profiles on social networks, it’s important to know that there’s a story behind every perfect picture. It took me many years to build up self-esteem. However, there are also days when I doubt myself and feel stressed that I am not doing enough,” said Bring during her fitness journey.

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Diet and training by Alexandra Bring

With the growing number of followers, new business opportunities began to open up for Alexandra. One of them being, for example, her collection of clothes called Bring Sportswear, which is intended primarily for exercise.

And what did Bring’s training plan actually look like? During her fitness peak, she attended a gym 5 times a week, alternating upper and lower body training. She started with complex free-weight exercises and ended with isolated exercises with machines. She only included cardio occasionally because she was not a fan of it. As for the diet, Alexandra did not have a set diet. She followed mainlythe principles of the IIFYM while at the same time following the 80/20 rule, where only 20% of the diet consisted of less suitable, ultra-processed foods rich in sugar and fat. The rest of the menu was based on balanced, fresh and minimally processed ingredients.

Birth of two daughters and transformation of her content

As time went on, so did the content of her daily life. In 2018, she gave birth to her first daughter named Lou and in 2020 to her second baby girl named Tula. So, it’s no surprise that these young ladies employ her 100%, which is also related to the change in the content she posts. Photos from the gym got replaced by pictures of children and everyday experiences of a full-time mom. However, even this content is seemingly fun for her fans, as her Instagram profile was followed by approximately 572 thousand people in May 2021. If you would like to learn more about Alexandra Bring’s family life, you should check out her blog or YouTube channel, where she uploads vlogs. However, they are in Swedish, which can be an obstacle for many.

Have you heard about this beauty? And if so, are you more of a fan of her fitness content, or do you like to see posts from a life of a full time mom? Share your opinion with us, and if you liked the article, be sure to share it with your friends.


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