9 tipů na snídaně, které si můžete připravit předem

9 breakfast tips you can prepare in advance

Surely, you know these mornings when you do not know what to do sooner. Perhaps it is because of constant delaying the clock alarm, maybe you are not awake enough – sitting down for breakfast and enjoying it can be a really challenging task. Because of this, you often skip breakfast completely or reach for a pastry full of calories, which, of course, is not the best way to start the day. Conversely, a healthy breakfast can help keep your metabolism consistent and boost your energy level to the top. Instead of skipping breakfast, try preparing one of these healthy meals for breakfast. Every recipe is well balanced, rich and starts you up for every busy day.

1. Frittata not just for Italians

Even though “frittata” sounds a little Mexican (it is paradoxically Italian food), you have nothing to worry about. Preparing is much easier than you think. You can use everything from your kitchen, from vegetables to meat. The Internet offers a heap of recipes for this great meal that resembles scrambled eggs.

TIP: Prepare frittata on Sunday evening, divide into portions and put in small plastic containers for the rest of the week. Then, you will only heat it in the microwave during the week, but it is delicious even cold.

Frittata not just for Italians
Frittata not just for Italians

2. Perfect yogurt

Forget the fake yogurts from the stores. Make your own, healthier and exactly to your liking. All you need is a sealable container in which you mix your favorite ingredients. It’s a great solution for your “on-the-go” breakfast in the morning when you need to cope with time pressure.

TIP: Start the first layer with Greek yogurt, then you can add your favorite berries or nuts, almonds or oatmeal. Continue layering until you reach the top of the container. This “perfect” yogurt will improve your mood throughout the day.

3. Pancakes always at hand

Pancakes are an excellent alternative for a tasty breakfast, and if you accidentally make too many of them, simply store them in a container and freeze. Such frozen pancakes will last for several weeks and will still taste great. Make a healthy dough of wholemeal flour and fresh fruit, and after cooling, they are ready for freezing. To enjoy them again, simply heat them in a microwave or defrost overnight at room temperature.


Pancakes always at hand

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4. Breakfast directly from the baking pan

Using a baking pan is an extra convenient way for those who do not have time to spend in the kitchen. You can prepare anything from baked quinoa seeds to egg and delicious French toast. Prepare your breakfast in it over the weekend, and have a breakfast or snack for the whole week ready.

Breakfast directly from the baking pan

5. Different smoothie every day

The easiest breakfast to prepare is just a smoothie, which you can prepare quickly, easily, and even with lot of vitamins and substances that your body uses during a busy working day. Smoothie is made by mixing fruit or vegetables, protein powder, white yoghurt or low-fat milk, which gives your body the necessary protein, even before bedtime.

Simply store it in a refrigerator, for example, in a shaker, and simply grab it in the morning and run to work. Smoothies are the perfect form of “on-the-go” breakfast or snack that is balanced and will feed you for a long time.

TIP: Try one of the top 10 of most popular smoothie drinks.

6. Protein bars full of energy

Homemade protein bars have several benefits, and one of them is that they save you money. These low-carbohydrate protein bars are a great choice for the morning. You can use banana, healthy oatmeal, coconut, almonds, berries and cinnamon.


Protein bars full of energy

7. Daily oatmeal

There is no need to remind anyone of the positive effect of oatmeal. It is a very easy-to-prepare breakfast for every day, and as the creativity is not limited when cooking, you can enhance your oatmeal with berries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or currants, apples, bananas, nuts, almonds or chia seeds. Finally, sprinkle them with cinnamon or vanilla, and you have a perfect healthy breakfast on the table. What do you think about it?

8. Muffins in every way

Better avoid the fast “office shops”, where you will find typical muffins full of empty calories, and prepare your muffins in advance instead. On the Internet, you will find a heap of fit recipes for healthy and substantial muffins. Not to mention that such a home-made muffin will not only provide you with the necessary ingredients and nutrients, but if you prepare more of them, you can please your colleagues at work too.

Muffins in every way

9. Pudding from Chia Seeds

It contains active ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fibre to make you feel great and fed after breakfast. Although it takes only a few minutes to prepare, you can prepare it in the evening before. In the morning, you simply grab it and run to work.

Pudding from Chia Seeds

We strongly believe that these breakfast tips will help you and save you from time-consuming hesitating what to eat. What do you have for a breakfast most often? Let us now in the comments, and if you liked the article, support it by sharing.