6 mistakes why you do not see the results

You have been exercising for a longer time but the results forgot to show up? Unfortunately, they did not forget. The results know very well why they did not show up, but what pleases you is that we know that too. If the things are not happening as you wished, it can easily happen that frustration and dislike will come instead of results. But do not give up. With frustration it is not easy to fight, but try to give one last chance to change, which will bring you real results instead of frustration.

How to do that? It is very common question and the answer is very simple and easy. Check out these 6 mistakes why you do not see the results.

6 mistakes why you do not see the results

1. You lie to yourself

Firstly, if you really want to see the results, you have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you are really doing everything you should. So you should exercise fairly. “Fairly” is very important word. It means that you exercise at certain time and on the day you planned to.

If you exercise on one day, the next day you do not want to and you simply skip the workout, but the next day you force yourself to exercise again and continue like this. After such irregular exercising you can not be surprised that the results will not show up. Because of this you have to make sure that you are doing everything you can so you can enjoy your progress. Visit the gym regularly and do a workout that will make you feel better and healthier.

6 mistakes why you do not see the results

2. You do not exercise combined exercises

Another reason for failure may be isolated training. If you practice 10 different biceps exercises, you waste time. Focus on complex combined movements that involve multiple muscle parts at once. These are the exercises that bring the best and the fastest results. Of course, you can also add a few isolated exercises at the end of the workout, but they should not become a routine in your workout again.

6 mistakes why you do not see the results

3. You do not take necessary rest 

Another problem is that you do not pay attention to rest between exercises. Often the rest periods turn out to 2 to 3 minutes which could be the reason why you do not see the progress you have desired so much.

Remember that a shorter rest between exercises helps to create metabolic reactions in the body and also keeps fatigue from training at a higher level. It may sound strange at first, but it will teach your body to train even during fatigue, so you will be more and more prepared for each workout. Keep in mind that you must have a small pause between sets of exercises, which should always be approximately the same.

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4. You underestimate or overestimate your skills

Another major mistake made mostly by women is that they do not lift weights that are heavy enough. Most women underestimate their strength level and if they tried a little heavier weight, they could see much better results after a short while. Instead, they allow negative prejudices and fears that they will be too voluminous to stop them from achieving their goals.

If it would be like that then why so many men fail to gain mass? To gain mass you need to eat a lot of food, lift heavy weights even for years and have abnormally high level of testosterone. But the truth is that 99% of women, because of the small amount of testosterone in their bodies, are unable to build muscle so easily and quickly. With proper training and diet every women can be stronger and more formed.

6 mistakes why you do not see the results

Men have the opposite problem, they overestimate themselves. They are trying to lift too heavy weights after a short time which often leads to injuries. Just as women sometimes need challenges, men need limits. Especially with heave weights. This does not mean that men should not challenge themselves. They have to give challenges but they should be truly achievable. Do not try to show off by lifting heavy weights that are beyond your ability. Know that women will see it anyway 🙂

5. You do not eat properly 

The most common mistake committed by most of the people is just the improper adherence to diet. The fact that the effect of food on the body represents 70% of the success is probably not strange to you. Eating the right kinds of food at the right time is therefore more than essential. The food you eat is what drives your body with nutrients that not only help build muscle mass but also repair damaged muscle from training.

Food is associated with calories and if you take a lot of them, you will not lose weight. However, you need to take them as much as your body needs. Therefore, remember that if you fail with diet, unfortunately, you will fail to make your progress.

6 mistakes why you do not see the results

6. You sleep irregularly and little

If you do not sleep for at least seven hours during the night, you will not give your body enough time to regenerate. Most people are faced with the problem of sleep deprivation, which is also a little bit associated with the today´s world and a busy lifestyle.

Try to set up a new sleeping mode and enjoy at least an eight hours sleep that gives you better control over your appetite and actually calories. In addition, you will eliminate less cortisol during the day, which promotes the accumulation of abdominal fat and will speed up your metabolism. Remember that it really pays off to go to bed early.

6 mistakes why you do not see the results

If you commit yourself to avoid these mistakes, the change will appear, and you will finally see the results you wanted. But if you do not do that and keep going with your lifestyle you have so far, know that you really do not have to waste time at the gym.

We believe that we motivated you and you will start to fulfill your fitness dreams and goals. Did you meet with mistakes that lead to not achieving the results effectively and fast?  Leave your answer in the comments and if you like the article, share it.