13 top inšpiratívnych filmov o bodybuildingu, ktoré musíte vidieť

13 top inspirational bodybuilding movies that you must see

For many bodybuilders and exercise enthusiasts, bodybuilding is not just their hobby, it is their lifestyle. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno are not just actors and muscular guys, they are role models and idols. Therefore, we have prepared a list of 13 top inspirational films on bodybuilding and motivation, which will certainly pump you for even better results and show you how the concept of “bodybuilding” has changed over time.

Pumping Iron

Which bodybuilding fan wouldn’t know “Pumping Iron”? A 1977 documentary mapping the lives of two of the most famous bodybuilders of the golden era and their preparation for the Mr. Olympia a Mr. Universe. Arnold Schwarzenegger, five-time Mr.Olympia title holder, shined as a main character. The documentary accompanies this 26-year-old bodybuilder on his way to his 6th title. The independent documentary focuses primarily on the rivalry between Arnold Schwarzenegger and one of his main competitors, Lou Ferrigno. In addition, the movie also includes other famous names such as Ken Waller, Ed Corney, Serge Nubret, Franco Columbu and Mike Katz. The message of the documentary was to popularize the culture and world of bodybuilding, which it certainly managed to do so. Arnie’s perfect biceps caused madness in the US, with a significant increase in the number of commercial gyms in the US after the film was released. “Pumping Iron” is therefore a must see for every dedicated bodybuilder. [1]

Stay Hungry

“Arnie” is everywhere. This time, however, he presented himself in one of the main roles of a feature film. Although not a documentary, “Stay Hungry” takes you behind the scenes of professional bodybuilding. The story tells of a young real estate salesman Craig (Jeff Bridges) who works for a large corporation. The corporate wants to buy the building of one small gym, so they send Craig there to negotiate the deal. In the gym, he meets bodybuilder Joe Sant (Arnold), whom he likes, makes friends with him and falls in love with his girlfriend. He does not even want to hear about the purchase of the gym. How can this story of love and friendship be a great motivational picture you should watch? It is because Schwarzenegger shows his muscles in it, while he initiates Jeff Bridges into the world of bodybuilding and training plans. You can see in it how the preparation for Mr. Universe looks like, and how “gym buddies” can become your family. In addition, Arnold was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Male Debut of the Year for his performance in this movie. [2]

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Stand Tall

After Lou Ferrigno in Pumping Iron came second at Mr. Olympia, he left the world of bodybuilding and began to pursue an acting career. He was cast in the lead role in “The Incredible Hulk”, which made him a star. But that wasn’t enough for Lou, and he began to miss the world of professional bodybuilding. The documentary “Stand Tall” captures the courageous and incredible journey of the 43-year-old Lou, who after 19 years decided to compete again at Mr. Olympia. Did he manage to win this title? We strongly recommend you to watch this movie which is full of emotions and determination to achieve a goal at all costs. [3]

The Comeback

After winning his sixth title of Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger quit with competitive bodybuilding. He began to devote himself fully to acting, receiving one film offer after another. One of them was the role in the movie “Conan the Barbarian”, which got him amongst Hollywood stars. In order for Arnold to play the harsh barbarian as reliably as possible, he once again began with regular exercising. Even so much that he got into an even better shape than during his last victory at Mr. Olympia. Just then, Arnold decided that his days in professional bodybuilding are not yet over. “The Comeback” tells the story of how Arnold managed to get into top competition form in a matter of weeks and be the best of the best again, and eventually win the Mr. Olympia title for 7th time. [4]

13 top inšpiratívnych filmov o bodybuildingu, ktoré musíte vidieť
Author of the photo: Mary Frampton

Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster

“Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster” captures the look at six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, who redefined the concept of professional bodybuilding. It gives you insight into his private life, but also his falls, which have been caused by the use of a large amount of steroids. The picture also captures Dorian’s controversial victory at Mr. Olympia in 1997. He won the title despite the fact that he was injured, which provoked outrage among other competitors. At the end of his career he suffered from depression and in the film we can see how his life evolved after his professional career as a bodybuilder. [5]

Ronnie Coleman: The King

One of the newest ones is a documentary about Ronnie Coleman with the characteristic title “Ronnie Coleman: The King”. The movie captures the life and greatest achievements of the 8-time Mr. Olympia. If Ronnie is a huge role model for you, we strongly recommend that you watch this document. In addition to shaping Ronnie’s massive body, you’ll also see the consequences of lifting heavy weights for your health. [6]

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Generation Iron 1, 2, 3

From the producer of the movie “Pumping Iron”, a movie called “Generation Iron” was released in 2013. The documentary tells the stories of the most famous bodybuilders in the world and offers insight not only behind the scenes of professional competitions, but also into their private lives. In the film, you will find out what the terms “bodybuilding” and “bodybuilder” mean and what it takes. Bodybuilders also comment on how the view of the world of bodybuilding has changed, thanks to the popularization of this sport on social media. It features stars such as Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf, Victor Martinez, Hidetada Yamagishi, and ambitious newcomer Ben Pakulski. The film currently has two more sequels and in 2021 another one is coming. [7]

13 top inšpiratívnych filmov o bodybuildingu, ktoré musíte vidieť
Author of the photo: Kevin Laval

C.T. Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession

C.T. Fletcher, a six-time world weightlifting champion, whose powerful strength, shaped figure and life story inspired many people around the world. The documentary talks about Fletcher’s life, about the physical abuse he was exposed to in childhood, and also about his heart surgery in 2005. He himself claims that this was due to his constant overeating in fast foods. Complete recovery after surgery lasted two years, Fletcher had to adjust his training and diet, but despite his health complications, he did not give up. C. T. Fletcher showed in the film his story, which is full of emotions about why to never give up. [8]

Rich Piana Chronicles

Rich Piana is a man whose personality is as big as his massive figure. The film by producer of “Generation Iron” tells the story of one of today’s most famous bodybuilders, who died in 2017 due to health complications. “Rich Piana Chronicles” is a raw and intimate look at the man who has left a lasting mark in the fitness industry. The film captures the last year of his life while serving as a tribute to his legacy. [9]

Kevin Levrone: Born to Overcome

Kevin Levrone is one of the most talented and popular bodybuilders of all time. Although he never won the title Mr. Olympia, his form and preparation for competitions inspired many beginning bodybuilders. After an unofficial retirement in 2003, Kevin once again decided to fight for the title Mr. Olympia after 13 years. However, as he was injured, he did not reach the podium. However, this did not stop him and in 2018 he decided to participate in the Arnold Classic. “Kevin Levrone: Born to Overcome” is a one-hour documentary that records the preparation for this competition and presents a glimpse into the mind of a truly legendary bodybuilder. [10]

Bigger Stronger Faster

America defines itself as the largest, strongest and fastest growing country in the world. Director Christopher Bell shines a light on the lives of American bodybuilders. In “Bigger Stronger Faster”, he tells the story of three brothers, two of whom are obsessed with steroid use. The visually trodden and superbly edited comedy documentary offers a view of the US government on the issue of steroid use and nutritional supplements to increase muscle mass. In the film, you can see statements from congressional members, bodybuilders, as well as medical experts, and their views on excessive use of steroids. [11]

Too Big for the World

The world of bodybuilding is far from just men’s thing. The trend of professional female bodybuilders or fitness girls is growing, but still did not achieve the success of male bodybuilding. “Too Big for the World” captures the story of 50-year-old Irene, whose lifelong dream is to become the best bodybuilder in the world. On this journey, however, she encounters many rejections and realizes that the world of the 21st century still belongs predominantly to men. The main message of the film is therefore to show the discrimination that strong and muscular women must experience in society. [12]

Pumping Iron 2: Women

After the release of “Pumping Iron,” the world of bodybuilding has seen a massive upheaval that has affected the female population to some extent. It is for this reason that the free continuation of the documentary “Pumping Iron” was shot. The movie focuses on the world of female bodybuilding. The document successfully changes the way society perceives the female figure and creates a new definition of the female form. In the picture, icons of the time appeared, such as Rachel McLish, Bev Francis or Carla Dunlap. [13]

We hope you enjoyed our selection of top bodybuilding movies. Missing a movie in the list? We’ll be happy if you let us know your tip in the comments section. If you liked our article, share it to support it.


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