Strawberries are a tasty summer fruit packed with vitamins and antioxidants. They are perfect for adding flavour and freshness to sweet breakfasts, desserts, cakes, pies, or cupcakes.

That said, if you happen to rank among those who don’t enjoy them fresh, don’t despair. You can also opt for freeze-dried strawberries, which underwent the process of lyophilization.

How to prepare a quick meal or snack with strawberries?

You can enjoy strawberries with porridge, in yoghurt, or with quark. When combined with milk, plant-based or cultured beverages, and other ingredients, you can easily whip up delicious smoothies. They also shine in fruit salads, on pancakes, or in crêpes. Gourmets can then indulge in strawberries with melted dark chocolate or nut butter.

What to bake with strawberries?

Do you crave a delicious dessert made with strawberries? You can prepare a classic strawberry sheet cake or a sponge cake. Moreover, a strawberry cake with quark or pudding is also an excellent choice. If you like trying fitness versions of cakes instead, don’t miss out on this one made with oat flour and crumble or a light strawberry cream. Strawberries also shine in muffins or cheesecakes.

What desserts are strawberries suitable for?

Strawberries are sure to elevate every dessert or treat to a whole new level. Prepare a delicious strawberry cake, even in a no-bake vegan version. You can also use strawberries to add variety to tiramisu, a simple chocolate lava cake, or an entire range of other desserts.

How to prepare a strawberry ice cream?

Start by blending strawberries with water and sugar or sweetener, which will net you a tasty strawberry purée that you just need to freeze. For a classic creamy ice cream, you’ll also need milk and cream. You can also prepare a healthier version, for example, by using a banana and strawberries.

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